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10 DIY Home Hacks

DIY or Do-it-yourself has always been the go-to-solution in many parts of the world. Recently it has gained popularity amongst the younger generations, courtesy of Pinterest and Instagram. India too is seeing a boom in people trying to apply these home hacks!

These DIY projects not only save money but can sometimes end up being of a higher quality as you have the freedom to choose the materials. The end result also tends to come out looking closer to what you had in mind since you have full creative control.

So here we give you ten, useful and easy to follow hacks that can really solve your problems, all while saving you some money! 

Vinegar to the rescue

Vinegar is one of the simplest and safest cleaning acids that can easily be found in our kitchens. Do you hate those ugly water stains that come on drinking glasses? Using a little white vinegar will leave them spotless! 

Paint Pains

Sometimes the children come home covered in paint and sometimes we brush against a fresh coat without realizing it. Fear not, just grab some rubbing alcohol, easily available in medical stores, and an old cloth or brush. Scrub away and then pop it in the washing machine!

When Life gives you Lemons

Use them to clean your microwave! Mix some lemon juice in half a cup of water, add in the piece of lemon as well. Microwave this for three minutes or until the water comes to a boil. The steam will ease off the stains inside your microwave allowing you to wipe them away easily.

Toothpaste Trickery

Our furniture is often prone to scratches, an effective way to remove them is to use toothpaste! Squeeze some onto a cloth and rub it on the scratch in a circular motion. Wipe away the excess and let it dry, repeat this process till you are happy with the results.

Blender Splendor

Cleaning a blender after making chutney or a smoothie can be a pain. It’s hard to get into the nooks with a sponge or brush. This might help - fill half the jar with hot water,add a few drops of dishwashing soap and switch the blender on. It will get cleaned out nicely and you can give it a good rinse before leaving it to dry.

Window Wipers

Window blinds are often tricky to clean as it’s hard to get into little gaps with normal cleaning equipment and if you apply too much force, they get bent out of shape. Kitchen tongs are a great solution! Wrap them in a cleaning cloth tied down by rubber bands and voila you have the perfect apparatus to use. Now just slide the tongs over each rung of the blinds.

Wrinkle Crinkle

Getting late for work and need to get the wrinkles out of that office shirt? Throw one or two shirts into the dryer and add in a few cubes of ice. Start the dryer on the hottest setting for about ten minutes. This will melt the ice, turning it into steam which works perfectly to iron out wrinkles.

Knock Knock

Do you have an annoying door that keeps hitting the wall when the wind blows? This can be noisy and also cause stains on the wall. Cut a slit into a tennis ball and slide it over the knob to give you a noiseless, stainless experience!

Shaving Shine

Squeeze some shaving cream onto a cloth and wipe down your mirror, you’ll be surprised at how easily it wis away the marks and also prevents your mirror from fogging up with steam! Try it on your car windshield and spectacles too. 

Shatter Secret

Cleaning up the tiny fragments of broken glass when an item shatters into a million pieces, quite literally, is not an easy task. Take a piece of bread and add a few drops of water till it’s damp, now use this to press onto the surface and collect the glass shards. It will be able to pick up the tiniest of pieces and is safe for your fingers too!

Surely, a few incidents have come to mind as you’ve read this where you’ve thought, “if only I knew this earlier…”. Well, now you do! Hope you get a chance to try some of these hacks soon.

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