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Creating Family Traditions

Family is the most important part of a beautiful home, invest time in building family traditions that your children can continue. Amidst the fast-paced lifestyles we find ourselves in today, it is essential to take a pause and reflect on our actions. While we w6tf ork hard for ours and our children’s future, it is also equally important to spend time nurturing bonds with our children and a great way to do that is through family rituals and traditions.

No two families are alike and as such, their rituals and traditions would also differ but that’s the beauty of it all. The charm and magic of family traditions comes from knowing that it is something special only your family does, it’s like a personal well-kept secret!

What are traditions really? Traditions are activities or rituals that we engage in repeatedly on a set routine which can be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. They are always done exactly the same way every time and with a specific intention. Traditions give a family an identity of sorts that helps tell their unique story in some way.

Family traditions allow us to reconnect with each other while collectively participating in an activity. A lot of times, daily activities such as a bed time routine for children can become a tradition if done in a particular way that is memorable to the child. Some families have meetings weekly where they discuss their week past and the week to come and perhaps enjoy a particular dessert or food item while doing this. This too becomes a ritual for that family.

It can also be a tradition for the parents to have special activities they share with each child for example daughter-daddy ice-cream dates and rollerblading sundays for mom and son. Families often have yearly traditions they follow on special occasions or during vacations like going to a specific place every year and always doing the same activity or getting together with extended family every year in a new place. Festivals are a great way to build traditions that your children can follow with their families in the future. Having a special ritual or meal during an important festival can cement beautiful memories for the whole family!

The benefits of traditions are aplenty. They provide a source of comfort and familiarity. When children are living away from home, it gives them immense happiness to come back to a family tradition. It keeps the family bonded as it is something special to just them. Family values can also be passed down through traditions such as prayer or community service.

Traditions are a wonderful way to create lasting memories that can be handed down through generations.

Do take out the time to build new traditions with your own family and continue the ones that have been passed down to you. However, do remember to adapt along the way. If certain rituals are no longer practical or possible, be open to change so that it does not become a point of friction amongst the family. Traditions should be associated with warm and happy feelings!

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