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Couch Considerations for all the Pet Lovers!

As pet owners, there are many things that we need to take care of that might bear the brunt of your beloved pet. It can be your prized ceramic collection or favourite couch - but your pet may not think it is beyond bounds ! These cute little fluffs aren’t actually trying to ”destroy” but their idea of fun, play or even a simple act of climbing, sitting, or walking can warrant heavy cleaning or replacement bills.

Lucky for us there are some heavy-duty fabrics that are available in the market. These can withstand a few claw marks, prevent clinging, stubborn pet hair, and resist marks and stains from the occasional accidents from your cat or dogs on the couch.

We are going to give you some general recommendations

Pets are going to jump around even though you might train them to behave! It may be unavoidable that they scratch the couch for instance or have a peeing accident. The best way to protect your furniture is to use pet-friendly upholstery fabrics that are built for heavy usage and are stain-resistant.  Remember most importantly to steer clear of light colours, choose blacks, greys, browns that will help in camouflaging the fur and also at the same time match with the other colour schemes of your rooms.


Leather is one of the best couch covers for pet owners. The reason being they are a long-lasting natural material which improves with age and heavy use. It is easy to maintain and comes in numerous colours. Another advantage is that it is available in all types of price ranges.

Pet hair can be wiped off, it doesn’t cling to the surface and if you are concerned about the scratch marks, these marks usually enhance the weathered look and feel of your room’s centerpiece. For very serious stains you will need to call a professional but otherwise, it wipes off very easily.


A synthetic fabric that provides yet another great choice for pet owners. It is simple to clean and maintain. This fabric has no loops and is virtually resistant to claw marks, they can be found in many colours and is more affordable than leather.

Stains are easy to remove.  With a little soap and water, you have got yourself a brand new couch again. Did you know that with a microfibre the texture it displays with a brush of a hand in one way gives it a lighter tone and if a stain should happen you can run your hand in the opposite direction to achieve a darker tone?

Other Considerations

Pet owners should always have a suitable throw that covers the entire couch, especially if you have a puppy.It’s always better to go for patterned fabric than any solid colours, this helps with pet hairs and stains being less visible.

What to avoid:

Make sure you steer clear of any fabric that is nubby since this fabric is fun for cats for scratch.  Fragile fabrics such as silk, wool, or linen should be avoided altogether. We hope these tips will help you keep your decor, your pets, and yourself happy.

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