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Beautify your home on a Budget!

Beautifying your home or re-decorating doesn’t have to be an exercise that breaks the bank! There are plenty of ways to make our homes look beautiful on a budget. If you suffer from the new phenomenon ‘home inferiority complex’, know that you are not the only one. With social media feeding us so much information every day, it is easy to fall prey to feeling like what we have is not enough or feeling like we can’t achieve something similar due to limited resources. This though, can easily be overcome.

Beautiful means something different to everyone so while taking inspiration from television shows, Pinterest and Instagram might be a good starting point, make sure there’s a good amount of ‘you’ in any space you decorate. Some simple ways of changing the way a space currently looks is to rearrange the furniture. This costs you nothing and can completely transform the space. You can also consider switching furniture between rooms for a fresh feel in each one.

Playing around with fabrics is the best way to make a space look lively and different. New upholstery on sofas and beds will save you the cost of new furniture yet will achieve the change in look you desire. Adding rugs on the floor makes rooms feel cosier and can add to a theme or colour scheme you may have in mind. Cushion covers are a great, inexpensive way to decorate your homes as well. If you’ve not been able to add colour, which is very important by the way, in any other way then cushion covers can really help to add pops of colour and print to complete the look and feel of your space.

Hanging things up on the wall helps personalise a space and shows off the personality of the people living there. Choosing a great yet not costly piece of art that speaks to you, can become the focal point in a room. Family photos add a personal touch and give you something to smile at when you walk past them, rekindling fond memories. Frames can be chosen to match other decor items and are usually available easily in a range of price points.

Adding life to a space is essential and this can be done with the addition of plants and fresh flowers. Keeping up a routine of getting fresh flowers for your home regularly and placing them in vases around the house can really lift the energy and mood of the space. Similarly, potted plants exude a good aura, add colour and freshness. It’s a good idea to do your research and avoid plants that attract insects. The pots should also have drainage holes so that excess water does not collect and allow mosquitoes to breed. Another plus point of having plants is that you can grow certain herbs and even fruits and vegetables that can help you save the costs of buying them!

If you keep your spaces free of clutter and organised, that in itself makes a space look attractive. For example, keeping your spices and condiments in a set of similar looking transparent jars in a visible place can easily help decorate your kitchen and add colour without having to go out of your way. Simple additions like those mentioned above can help elevate your space without costing you too much. Happy decorating! 

Also buying home insurance for your beautiful property gives more value.

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