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5 Essential tips to Protect your Home

Our homes are our safe havens. They are the roof over our heads and the place we come back to at the end of a long day to be with our loved ones. This makes it all the more important to ensure it is protected and safe.

Be a Safeguard Savior by adopting these small tricks to secure your home:

Locking Doors and Windows

The easiest way for any unwanted person to enter our homes is through unlocked doors and windows. Often it slips our mind as we are rushing out of the house or we think someone else at home is going to do it before they leave. The best way to avoid this is to have a system of who locks which thing when they leave the house.

Also ensure that the locks you have on your doors and windows are secure, if they are old and rusted, have them replaced. A multi-locking system works well where there is more than one locking mechanism, such as a keyhole and a deadbolt for example. If someone else has lived in the house before you, try to have the locks replaced for added security.

Storing Valuables

Where possible, try and limit the number of valuables kept at home. It is advisable to have a safety deposit box in the bank or another secure facility to store your bigger ticket items that you do not use often.

For daily use items and cash, having a small in-home safe is recommended. If it is a portable safe, it should be heavy enough that someone cannot remove it. Alternatively, you can get an anchored one that is attached to the floor or cupboard in some way which would be more secure.

The safe should have a 2-way locking system that requires a code and a key for example.

Should this not be possible, some easy solutions will be to place valuables in locked drawers or cabinets and keep them camouflaged where possible. They can be stored in used toiletry bottles and containers or spice bottles which would make them less detectable.

Securing Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring is something we rarely think of when we think of protecting our homes, however it is an essential component of a safe home. Exposed wires run many risks such as electrocution and fire. The casing around our electrical wires should be robust and complete, and the boxes that hide these wires should be accessible for regular maintenance.

When it is not possible to have a professional come in to help immediately, a quick DIY solution would be to cover up the exposed sections with electrical tape. This is not a permanent solution but having a roll of this around could be helpful.

Wi-Fi Protection

This is a lesser spoken about form or protection but a necessary one. We all spend a lot of time on the internet for work, studies and even entertainment. As such, it is extremely important to protect ourselves from cyber security breaches.

Some simple ways to do this include ensuring our networks are password protected with a strong passcode. Some level of encryption, a firewall and anti-virus software’s are all good add ons. Given that our children are using the internet more than ever before, parental controls have also become the need of the hour. This will help safeguard them and also limit screen time if you wish to.

CCTV and Alarm Systems

These systems are extremely common in the market today and for good reason. Regardless of whether you go for an expensive system that you get someone else to install or you buy a simple inexpensive one that you can install yourself, these systems have immense merit.

Security alarms and cameras are a good way to monitor any suspicious activity happening in your home. Technology has allowed us to have the option of small, sleek systems that do not take up much space and are also easy to install and monitor through the use of applications on our mobile devices. Camera footage also serves as good evidence should you ever need to use it in case of a robbery for example.

Also buying home insurance for your beautiful property adds more value.

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