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Why You Should Choose Group Health Insurance Policy?

When an organisation buys an insurance package for its employees, then it is defined as group insurance. Under a group health insurance the employer gets the flexibility to either self-design a plan or choose a pre-planned insurance policy from the insurer. Many a time, an individual may find it expensive to pay the premium of health insurance. So, as when an organisation offers a group health insurance opportunity, the employees are secured without any hassle.

A group health insurance has multiple benefits for both — the employer and the employees.

Significant Advantages For Employees:

No Medical Check-Up Required: When you are a part of group coverage, you don’t have to get any prior tests or check-ups. Also, there is no need to submit an

Maternity Coverage from Day 1: When you are a part of group health insurance, you are entitled to maternity coverage right from day 1.

No Waiting Period: Unlike an individual health insurance policy, there is no waiting period for coverage. You are insured since day 1 of being a part of group health insurance.

Significant Advantages For Employers:

Easy Premium Payment Options: Monthly, quarterly or yearly — as an employer, you get the flexibility to pay the premium amount as per your convenience.

Motivated Employees: When you opt for group health insurance, it shows that you care for your workforce and their wellbeing. These add-ons along with the salary ensure better productivity of your employees.

Tax Benefits: Companies get tax benefits on a group health insurance. It is a win-win situation as your employees are covered and you get an opportunity to save your money.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, Group Health Insurance by Chola MS offers various other benefits. Secure the future of your employees as well as your organisation by choosing Group Health Insurance today!

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