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We’ve all heard that a glass of wine here and there is great for you, but how exactly does it contribute to your well-being? Before we talk about health benefits, let’s talk ‘pour-size’. The recommended intake for red wine is between 1-1.5 glasses a day for women and 1-2 glasses a day for men.

Now that we got that figured out, let’s move on to the fun part. So, pour yourself a glass, and take a look at 5 ways wine can benefit your health.

Lowers risk of stroke

Wine acts as a natural blood thinner, breaking up any blood clots that can lead to a stroke.

Increases bone density

Red wine contains high levels of silicon, which is proven to improve bone mineral density.

Lowers bad cholesterol

Resveratrol, a compound in red wine that has antioxidant properties decreases LDL – bad cholesterol and increases HDL – good cholesterol.

Improves cognitive function

Drinking the recommended portion of wine can also improve brain function. Recent studies show that low levels of alcohol can decrease inflammation and help the brain clear away different toxins.

Reduces risk of colon cancer, prostate cancer, and breast cancer

Resveratrol, found in red wine, not only fights against heart disease but also against certain cancerous cells.

So, toast to your health & enjoy your wine in moderation!

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