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8 ways to look after your mental health during this lockdown!

It's been approximately a month since the nationwide lockdown was implemented in India in the month of March. While some of us have already adapted to this new arrangement and others are still coping with it, it is important to keep in mind that as human beings, we are all susceptible to behavioral changes.

In addition to the panic level anxiety about the health risk many of us face, there are added stresses due to job uncertainty, new and unusual situations in our everyday lives, concern for family members who might be away, availability of important resources to run the household, financial obligations and so on. We are faced with unprecedented levels of uncertainty about what the new normal will look like even after the lockdown ends. For many of us the isolation caused by lockdown is real and whether we are with family or not, many of us are feeling acute feelings of isolation and loneliness. We are also constantly bombarded with news updates on social media that only adds to our stress and despair. In addition to this, being confined to homes for a long period of time can make one vulnerable to negative thoughts.

So how does one deal with a situation like this? What does emotional and mental resilience look like in these unexpected circumstances and how can you build that for yourself.

Here's what you can do -

Practice self-care

sleeping late, binge-watching, eating junk food might seem like the perfect way to kill time during the lockdown, but make sure to allow some time to self-care! Be it pampering yourself with a DIY face mask or a few silent moments of meditation, pick what suits you the best and enjoy this me time!

Maintain a daily routine

laziness can creep in when you least expect it. Hence make sure you follow a routine every day so that you don't miss out on your daily self-care activities!

Avoid catching up on news all the time

Too much of news consumption can be tiring for your mind, especially in times of a pandemic. Try to limit your news consumption and stick to authentic channels/websites only!


give your body a break from idleness and stretch a bit. Yoga, workout or Zumba - pick your favourite and get on the floor!

Stay connected with your friends via social media

catch up with your friends and family on a regular basis and ask them how they are coping with this lockdown. Help them with essentials if they need any.

Develop hobbies (whether constructive or creative) to keep yourself busy

whether you wanna start a new hobby or reconnect with one of your old hobbies, now is the time! Pick up a book, watch movies or learn a new language!

Get enough sleep

make sure that you give your body adequate sleep at night to wake up fresh and start the day on a positive note!

Find some non-screen time:

We need to use screens all day - whether for work or entertainment. Find a window for daily digital detox - away from constant pings of notification alerts, calls and applications. While our screens give us a much needed connection with the world outside, our network of loved ones - some time away from screens is a key to maintaining a calm state of mind.

In addition to all these, you can also access online therapy sessions to overcome your grief and anxiety. In these tough times, it's important to nurture a balanced state of mind and doing the above-mentioned things could help you achieve that. Getting health insurance can also balance your mental stress in this COVID lockdown.

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