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This Christmas, gift a health insurance policy!

Tis’ the season to be jolly and we exactly know how! Wishing one another a Merry Christmas is incomplete if there are no gifts. And we have the perfect gift for your loved ones to make this Christmas and New Year a happy and memorable one! Even though it may not be on their wishlist, a health insurance policy is a well thought out gift for your loved ones in the season of joy. We can help you find an affordable health insurance policy that’s an ideal Christmas gift for your friends and family. Go beyond their Christmas wishlist and give them something that will actually ensure that they stay hale and hearty!

Here are a few things that you need to look for in a health insurance policy before purchasing one for your loved ones - 

  1. If you are gifting this policy to someone, make sure it fits that person’s requirement. Be it your wife, husband, parents, grandparents or children - gift them what they need. There’s a wide range of insurance policies available in the market with different specifications and customizations. Your choices will also depend a lot on the pre-existing medical condition of the person you are buying for. Hence do a lot of research on this prior to purchase.
  2. Choose cashless hospitalization over others as you have the convenience of receiving medical treatment without having to shell out. In such cases, the bills will be taken care of and reimbursed by the company itself. Your insurer will have a network of hospitals within which you can avail of this benefit.
  3. Find out the waiting period for your health insurance. Now, this is extremely important because every insurer will give you a waiting period within which you cannot make any claims using your health insurance policy. In some cases, your pre-existing medical condition will have a huge role to play in claiming hospital expenses. This is crucial if you are gifting a health insurance plan to your parents or grandparents. In such situations, your plan will not cover the expenses related to that particular pre-existing medical condition.

These are a few of the important things that need your attention when you plan to give a health insurance policy as a gift. With these things sorted, you can go ahead and buy that health insurance for your family and make this season merrier than ever! Medical costs are unpredictable and so is life. You don’t want to end up struggling for money in times of emergencies and health insurance policies are a great way to help you become financially more independent during such times. By gifting a health insurance policy, you could help make a difference in someone’s life in a significant way!

This Christmas, gift positivity and reassurance to your loved ones by helping them invest in the right channel. Health is wealth and this a great way to thank your family and friends for all the times they have been there for you.

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