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Things to do before and after your power-packed workout sessions

When it comes to working out, what you do before and after the session is as important as what you actually do during your session. Whether your fitness level is high or low, you must have a ready checklist that guides you to complete the before and after-workout activities. Taking extra time to do these things will improve your progress and maximize your results, thus making the efforts worth it!

So what are these routines that you must follow to accelerate your results? And why should you incorporate them on a daily basis into your lifestyle? Find below a few tips and tricks to help you maximize your efforts as you follow through on your fitness goals for 2020!

Here are a few things you should do before your workout session -


One can’t stress enough on the importance of sleep! They say that the most imperative thing about a fitness program is the time when you get to bed and sleep. That’s when your body goes into recovery mode, working on itself during the night time sleep. If you’re working out and not getting enough sleep, fix your quantity and quality of sleep and you will experience significant results in the weeks and months thereafter.


Every coach or trainer would tell you the importance of a warm-up. Don’t ignore them! Under no circumstances should you miss your warm-up session and directly jump into the intense workout part. A warm-up helps in increasing the body temperature, warms up your muscles, prepares your heart rate - all critical prep for your body to cope with what’s waiting ahead for during the main workout.

Hydrate as much as you can:

the more you workout, the more you sweat. Hence, it’s needless to say that your body needs to be hydrated properly when you are following a strict fitness regime. Make sure you drink adequate water throughout the day and before your workout. A lot of people miss doing this throughout the day. Failing to hydrate can cause muscle cramps and other issues.

Eat well

pre-workout snacks can sometimes do wonders for your body. Protein, healthy fats, and some good carbs - pick out what works best for you before a typical, intense workout session. If your workout pattern has changed, check with your doctor or nutrition consultant if you need further changes in your daily nutrition or diet.

Now that we know what has to be done before your workout, let’s look at some activities to be done as a part of your post-workout routine!

Eat a healthy snack

- within 45 mins after your workout session, make sure you munch on some carbohydrates and protein-rich snacks. This helps your body recover at its own pace from the intense workout session.


- if you want your body to return back to how it was before you started your workout, indulge in some post-workout stretches. As your body is warm after a workout, the muscles tend to become more elastic. Due to this, the muscles stretch and lengthen. Stretching relaxes the tension from your workout and will also help decrease soreness in your body. Depending on your core muscles worked out in a session, you may be advised to continue certain specific stretches over 24-36 hours.

Take a cool shower

- what’s more relaxing than a cool shower post-workout? Taking a shower after your workout can speed up the healing process and also decrease muscle inflammation, which in turn lowers the chances of body soreness. It’s not only good for the body but also helps maintain hygiene. Hence make sure you take a shower after every power-packed workout!

Cooldown exercises

- as you bring your workout to a close, ensure that you do some cool-down exercises to bring your heart rate down. Pick an activity that you enjoy doing - like yoga, jogging, or even walking for a while. Do this for at least 10 to 15 mins before you end your session and move on to the next part of your day.

As you dutifully incorporate the above-mentioned routines into your lifestyle, also ensure that you keep a track of your improvement by journaling. It’s a great way to check on your progress and understand which changes have helped you, as you move towards fulfilling your fitness goals! Happy learning from all of us here at Cholamandalam health insurance.

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