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7 Tips to meet strangers & connect with people

This article gives you insight into how meeting people and making new friends can be done even if you might not consider it an easy task.

Here are some tips on how to pull yourself out of inertia and develop the skill of connecting with people.

1.Get over your fear of rejection

It is a universal fact that not everyone will like you and vice versa, but if your goal is to avoid rejection you will always find it difficult to connect on any level.

Having enough energy and confidence to engage with a stranger should be the first step in connecting with them. Another important thing we need to learn is to accept rejection gracefully, without taking it personally or interpreting it as something negative about yourself.

2.Being grounded with your body language

Experts have always said that your body language says a lot about you.

First impressions are your biggest power play when it comes to putting yourself out there in front of new people.

When you are connecting with people, no shrinking, hunching, hiding, whispering, waiting, or avoiding eye contact- stand up tall and occupy your full physical space.

Make strong eye contact as you talk and listen. Express yourself freely especially with smiles and laughter if it feels right!

3.Being confident in your communication

Introduce yourself, or make the first move to ask for an introduction. If you’re at an event and want to meet new people especially while eating, be confident enough to invite people to sit with you or ask if you can sit with them.

Remember that if you find yourself struggling go back to point 1 from this article and remember that not every single person will be able to connect with you whereas another person might.

So pick the right people who you can deepen the connection with and reach out to them with an invite. 

4.Always let the others/person have the floor

Listening is a skill that wins anyone’s heart. In this case, when meeting new people your goal is to make it easy for the other person/people to open up.

Always ask questions that you want to know the answers to and make the person feel that you’re genuinely interested in them. The next most important thing to do to gain the other person’s trust is to LISTEN.  Focus on them, stay grounded and follow your curiosity.

Everyone likes to feel that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them, (please don’t do this if you are not, it will show at some point that you’re not being genuine) then you have succeeded in making them feel comfortable and safe. 

Another tip here is to not rush to talk about yourself. If things go well, you will get the floor too.

5.Most people feel awkward, insecure, and anxious

Rule number 1 while meeting new people is that these people aren’t thinking about you, they are in fact only thinking about themselves and their own insecurities.

A thumb rule to follow is to remember that everyone you meet who wants to connect does feel awkward and insecure at some point. With this perception in mind, you will be able to handle rejection better and not limit yourself in situations.

6.Let them feel your warmth

As humans, we always set out to get people to “like and accept us”. The fear of not being liked or accepted can sometimes lead to self-doubt. 

Why not set out to make people feel that they are liked and accepted by you. This perception shift takes away self-doubt and aids in the clear understanding that warmth gives a welcoming feel even if you have just approached them.

7.Feel the fear and do it anyway

There is nothing more nerve-wracking than walking up to a stranger or inviting someone new to talk about shared hobbies, likes and dislikes.  So don’t worry, it is very normal and it gets easier with practice.

What you need to remember is that being afraid/insecure/uncomfortable isn’t something you need to overcome to do this but something that by practice and repeatedly trying you can get over.

The importance of all this practice is that it will teach you how to handle rejection, failure, and insecurities with confidence and resilience. It is all about developing a life skill that will always be your superpower.

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