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Here’s why you should not get addicted to your gadgets during the lock down period

When you have no place to go during the lockdown period, it just becomes too easy to make your mobile phone your best friend. Let’s admit it. We start our day with our phone and also end our day with it. Although, it might seem like the only way to kill time during the lockdown period, you need a larger perspective here. We all know that even without a lockdown, we are always glued to the gadgets around us. Now, with social distancing being the new norm, we are all confined to our homes with only mobile phones for company. And it’s only natural that we turn to them for entertainment of all sorts - be it movies, music, podcasts, connecting with people etc. But how do we know when to limit usage of gadgets during this ongoing lockdown? And what are some of the reasons as to why you should stop checking your phone unnecessarily? As we all know, these are tough times that everyone is going through. With almost no physical contact with your friends, it might seem like mobile phones are the only way to keep in touch with your loved ones. But here are a few reasons as to why you should not get addicted to your gadgets during the lockdown period -

  • ? Eye strain due to excessive screen exposure and use. While we browse through content on our mobile phones for hours together, we forget the pain we put our eyes through. This can lead to blurred vision, eye fatigue, itchiness and burning sensation in your eyes. Take constant breaks in between. If you are working from home, then make sure you take regular breaks from your laptop and spend time with your kids or pets.
  • ? Muscular strain in your neck and shoulders. Constantly looking at your phone in a particular position can damage your neck and subsequently, your posture as well. You may even start slouching regularly. Hence, try to avoid all these by limiting your consumption of digital content. Instead, look for other alternatives like playing board games, cards or take your pet out for a walk!
  • ? It can be a hindrance to your sleep. Yes, you heard that right. Overuse of gadgets can make it difficult for you to put down your phone at the end of the day and go to sleep.
  • ? It can lead to chronic pain. Constantly holding your cell phone in a certain position and fiddling with it can cause extreme pain in your hands and fingers. Typing at excessive speed and constantly shifting from one app to another can prove to be damaging for your hands and fingers in the long run.
  • ? It can invite a lot of germs to your hands. It’s proven that your mobile phone contains more germs than a toilet seat! So now you know how you can keep your hands and fingers germ free to an extent.
  • ? It slows down your thinking ability. We all know that we have become so dependent on our phones that even to know the simplest of things, we turn to our phones. Be it simple calculation or even to check up on your friend. We chose texting over talking!
  • ? Hinders our productivity. This is something which people across age groups can relate with. How many times have you planned to do a set of tasks and failed to meet your goals? When we spend more time that usual on our phones, we get engrossed in multiple social media apps, live in that virtual world and forget the reality.
  • ? Reduced attention span. Checking your phone every few minutes for notifications has become a natural instinct for most of us. Our ability to focus on something has reduced drastically - thanks to our mobile phones!

With that being said, one might wonder how to reverse the damage already done to our body and mind with the excessive use of mobile phones. But we all know, it’s better late than never! Find some hobbies and activities that you actually enjoy doing. Explore and discover new things! Add some screen-free digital detox time into your daily routine. Add mindfulness exercises or meditation practice to your habits. Doing this will not only help you develop new skills but also keep you relaxed and stress-free. Also know more about health insurance policy provided by Chola MS.

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