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Do You Really Need a Health Insurance?

Wondering what need for health insurance is? The most obvious and main reason being, when unexpected medical emergencies arise, the bills for the same can be heavy on your pockets. Also given the alarming rates at which the prices of healthcare services and products are rising, it can be very difficult for a common man to afford it without insurance. It puts one in a tough spot in the case of sudden medical emergencies and their costs.

In India, an average healthcare procedure in a private hospital can cost you up to Rs. 40,000. A heart surgery may cost you anywhere between Rs. 2 lakh and Rs. 5 lakh, enough to burn a hole in your pocket. When you buy a comprehensive health insurance plan, you get a cover for these hefty hospital bills. However, medical expenses are not the only thing that comes under the cover. Read on to know about several other benefits of buying health insurance.

A few reasons to buy health insurance are:

The following key benefits should be clearly mentioned on a health insurance policy. If not, you perhaps should look for a better plan.

●        Hospitalization Expenses: Health insurances can help cover hospitalization costs with cashless and hassle-free payment options. The coverage can help you take care of all hospitalization costs from room and boarding charges, doctor’s fee to costs for laboratory services and much more.

●        Pre hospitalisation benefits (for up to 60 days)

●        Post hospitalisation benefits (for up to 90 days)

Hospitalisation expenses may include room and boarding charges, Doctor's fees, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bills, nursing expenses, medicine bills, surgical fees, charges for operating theatre, anaesthesia, oxygen supply, and physiotherapy, cost of dressing, ordinary splints and plasters, and several other miscellaneous costs, such as, costs for laboratory, x-ray, and diagnostic tests. You can get a cover for all these expenses.

●        Emergency Ambulance: An ideal health insurance will help cover the cost of ambulance services which is necessary for saving a precious life in critical moments.

●        Home Hospitalisation: An ideal health insurance will help cover the cost of ambulance services which is necessary for saving a precious life in critical moments.

●        Maternity Expenses: Your health insurance will provide you with a lump-sum amount to help cover maternity expenses. The amount varies depending on whether the delivery of the child is natural or caesarean.

●        Ayurvedic Treatments: Some health insurances include coverage for Ayurvedic treatments, it’s always good to look for options that provide this too.

Certain comprehensive health insurance plans also provide other benefits such as coverage for dental aids and external aids like specs, contact lens and hearing aids. It is advised you have a thorough look at what is and is not covered within a certain health insurance plan before buying it. Keep in mind these coverage benefits and you’ll be able to find the right kind of plan for you and your family!

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