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Had a bad day at work? Is parenting getting extra stressful?

Don’t worry – you know that reaching for that tub of ice cream and settling in with your favorite Netflix series will do the trick. Right?


We all know that eating junk food will do us more harm in the long run, but we still cave in when our emotions take a hit.

So how can we control these cravings? Let’s look at a few effective tricks:

1. Write a new grocery list.

Swap some items in your grocery list with healthier options. You can’t binge if there is no junk in the house. So, let’s start with the obvious and cut down on the temptations.

2.  Face your problems

The next time you’re feeling stressed, ask yourself what the problem is and how to address it, rather than reaching for your comfort food. Focus on being a better and more productive person tomorrow.

3.  Keep yourself active

Do some form of exercise whenever you get time – go for a walk, climb up the stairs instead of taking the elevator – even the smallest things add up! The chemicals released in your brain when you exercise make you feel happier and will help you get a mood lift.

4.  Focus on the positives

Count your little successes to make you feel better. Give positive changes more attention by believing in encouragement and not criticism.

For example, praise yourself for not taking that extra cookie.

5.  Make plans with your loved ones

Call up your friends and laugh your stress away! The people you love will help you make a bigger difference in your life than you would do for yourself.

6.  Take Support

If nothing works and you still can’t stop binging on unhealthy food, seek support. Sign up for professional help if you are shifting from moderate to severe emotional eating.

It may seem a little difficult to keep up in the beginning, but changing your emotional and binge eating habits is a process. Backsliding may happen, so acknowledge it when it does and use it as a reason to start again

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