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How to keep your body and mind healthy while working from home?

We all know that ‘work from home’ has become the new norm for a majority of the employees at a global level. Getting ready for work each morning, booking a cab or rushing to get to the metro station on time has become only a memory for us now, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are at that phase where we are constantly unlearning and relearning some of the things to keep us going even in such difficult times. Now, who expected this change in a short span of time? It has taken all of us by surprise and now, we need to put things back in order to ensure we stay sane and healthy while working from home during the lockdown. Here are some of the things that could help you stay productive, healthy and happy while working remotely -

Set up a proper working space at your home - working on the couch or your bed may seem comfortable to you but it’s definitely not a healthy habit, especially when you are under lockdown. If you want to ‘feel’ like you are going to work, then you actually need to go to a designated space set up at home. Set up a space for yourself where you can work calmly.

Take regular breaks - since you are working at the comfort of your home, chances are you might miss out on your daily breaks which you would have otherwise taken at office. Hence make sure you take scheduled breaks everyday while working to help you recharge your body effectively.

Make sure you get adequate sleep - this is extremely important for every employee working from home. Getting adjusted to this new norm is a whole different thing. But during this transition, it’s important that you don’t deprive your body of sleep. Hence make sure you sleep for a certain number of hours per day before starting your morning routine.

Make time for family - amidst your busy schedule at work, make time for your family and pets. This is a great relaxation for you as you’d jump back into work with a higher rate of productivity.

Track your working hours - your ‘work from home’ schedule could become tiring for you if you don’t keep a track of your working hours every day. Keep yourself accountable for the number of hours you work daily and do not overwork yourself.

Make a schedule

Check-in on your colleagues once in a while - it’s essential to nurture these professional relationships. In the physical absence of coworkers, maintaining healthy social connections becomes extremely important. It helps you stay motivated and in touch with your colleagues, just like how you’d otherwise be at the office.

Stock healthy snacks - it can be easy for you to just walk into your kitchen and pick up some unhealthy snacks to munch on. Make a conscious effort to avoid them and instead, fill up your kitchen with some healthy, organic snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables etc.

Create a calm and soothing environment - since you have the freedom to play with your home-office set up, create a soothing environment. Be it scented candles or a beautiful view from your bedroom window, figure out what you like, and set up your office space reflecting that aura.

Workout in between - it’s important to move your muscles every now and then while you are glued to your laptop. Make sure you take scheduled workout breaks in between. Choose what you would enjoy doing - Zumba, yoga or gym and hit the floors!

These are some of the simplest of things that you can incorporate into your work from home lifestyle. Doing these things will help you stay motivated and positive which in turn will improve your productivity even when you are not at the office! Also buying a health insurance can be effective in this pandemic situation, so to buy contact Chola MS for best health insurance policies & plans.

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