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Push-ups can be really hard, but are one of the best compound full-body exercises!

Especially for all you ladies out there, push-ups are a great way to engage your core and increase your strength. Here are five variations on the basic push-up that every woman should know!

Wall Push-Ups

Place both your hands somewhat wider than your shoulder width on a wall, then kick your legs out and extend your body till you are on your toes. Using the balance of your core and hands, push forward towards the wall and then back to the initial position to finish one pushup.

Knee Push-Ups

Place your knees on the mat, lower yourself to the ground just like in a normal push-up pose, but now, you have the support of the knees to give you more balance. You can do several reps of these pushups until you start feeling winded!

Inclined Push-Ups

If you have trouble doing the basic pushup, inclined pushups are a great alternative! This exercise puts far less stress on your elbows but still targets the main chest muscles (the pectoralis major and minor). It also decreases the amount of body weight you are lifting. What’s more, these push-ups can be done just about anywhere!

Spiderman Push-Ups

Start in a normal plank position and then while raising yourself up, bring up one of your knees toward the elbow as much as you can and then push it back as you return to the initial position.

The Elevated Push-Up

Put your feet up on an elevated surface and doing a push up in that position. This will make your body work harder!

Practice these variations on the basic push-up and push yourself through a better lifestyle!

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