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Healthy Habits for the Holiday Season

The new year calls for new habits! It’s finally time to say goodbye to some of the toxic and self-destroying habits that you have been trying to get rid of and welcome healthy ones - for your body, mind, and your soul. Now there are different ways in which you can do this. Although this may require a lot of discipline and conviction from your end, you will end up discovering a new you towards the end of this journey. One simple thing you can do is to build and practice a habit for 21 days straight. You need to realize that you can’t stay motivated all the time to finish a task. This is precisely why you need to build habits in the first place. Having healthy habits is a game-changer in everyone’s life. Once you start becoming so consistent with your habits that they are in autopilot mode, you no longer have to push yourself mentally to finish a task. Here are a few healthy habits that you can build and work on in this holiday season and also take it forward to the next year to start the new year on a positive note. Now do keep in mind that it’s not possible to implement all of these rights from January 1st. You will need time and patience to inculcate these habits into your lifestyle.

1.    Gratitude journaling and positive affirmations - Journaling is not just a good habit but also a great way to start your morning or end your day. Gratitude journaling helps you stay thankful for the little things in your life that you often take for granted. This small habit can help you go a long way in terms of appreciating people around you and be grateful. And translating thoughts into paper can help make a bigger impact in your mind. Hence spend some time every day in the morning for gratitude journaling and watch yourself grow into a whole new person! You could also try writing down some positive affirmations to get going in your journey of career or personal development.

2.    Time management - managing your time properly can help you achieve more in a short period of time. Whether you are a working professional or a student, it’s crucial that you plan for tomorrow, today! “Time and tide wait for none” is an old saying that holds true even today. By managing your time properly, you can increase your productivity levels drastically. When you plan better, you end up saving more time. This is a great way to make time for all those things which you have been saying no to because “you have no time”.

3.    Spend time on social media wisely - it’s no wonder that most of us are addicted to our phones. Now that we are already there, why not make the best use of it? Make sure that you follow your role models on social media and use this time to learn something new. This is a great way to get inspired each time you get distracted.

Follow people who are pioneers in your field and mentally find yourself in a healthier space. Set up alerts or trackers on your devices to warn you of excessive time spent online on social media. Too much of anything ain’t good after all.

4.    Finish off the most important tasks of the day in the morning. This is a hack that you must implement in your day-to-day life. Mornings are the time when your mind is fresh and distraction-free. And if you get done with the most important tasks first thing in the morning, you have the entire day to yourselves! Even if you are not able to make it to the 5 AM club, you can still wake up at your own time and get the work done.

5.    Eat healthy - Most of us add this to the annual NY resolution list every year without fail, but hardly implement it after a few weeks. This is something that is extremely subjective, meaning one diet can’t be the right fit for all. Hence figure out what works best for you and prepare a diet plan. Try to stick to it as much as you can and see significant results in your body. Pick sustainable goals and micro goals planning for your occasional cravings and cheat days, rather than yo-yo between abstinence and binge-ing.

6.    Take fitness seriously - Lowering your expectations for exercise lessens the motivation required to get yourself off the couch and reduces the amount of willpower needed to power through a long workout. Sometimes, it works to focus on the effort rather than what or how much. So simply give yourself a task of reducing ZERO workout days to 1 or 2 in a week for instance and work your way up from there. Even a brisk walk of 30 minutes counts!

7.    Sleep enough - one can’t stress enough on this. Sleep can literally control your mood and you don’t want lack of sleep to affect your productivity levels. A sleep-deprived body can turn into a hub of diseases in the long run including stress, anxiety, and depression.

8.    Drink enough water- this may sound too basic but it’s crucial. Many people forget to drink water in the daily hustle and bustle. Dehydration can cause multiple side effects and you don’t want to put your body through hell by not doing something that doesn’t involve a lot of effort.

9.    Do one uncomfortable thing every day - a majority of you may not be fine with this but this will help you put a full stop to your fears and anxiety in a lot of ways. For instance, if you are not good at networking with people offline, then try doing this online and make yourself comfortable talking to new people. This way, you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

10.  Mindset shifts - A mindset shift is extremely important for you to be able to build all of the above-mentioned habits. It could be the crucial difference between succeeding or failing with your above mentioned goals. It’s important to have a certain mindset shift as you venture into the world of being more productive and healthy. On the days when you are unable to reach your milestones, you need to get back on track instead of getting demotivated. Normalise the fact on some days you may not be able to achieve your goals and that’s okay. The only thing you need to take care of is no matter what happens, don’t stop hustling.

These are some of the new habits that can set the mood right for 2021! You don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Rather just pick a few of the above-said habits and get started!

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