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Health issues that are specific to women

Both men and women do have common as well as gender-specific health conditions. Some health issues affect women differently. However, many women’s health issues go undiagnosed. Some of the exclusive health concerns are breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, and pregnancy related. It is also statistically proved that women suffer higher heart attack deaths in comparison to men. A few other health concerns that cause more harm to women are depression, urinary tract conditions, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Among these, the conditions that present considerable health risks are as follow

1)  Heart Disease

A majority of people consider heart disease a common issue among men, but the condition affects males and females nearly equally. Yet, only 54 percent of women realize that heart disease is the top health condition threatening them. It’s always a great idea to check in once in a while with your doctor and complete a full-body check-up so that you are aware what is the real status of your health. 

2)  Breast Cancer

Possibly one of the most growing problems among women, and one that is considered to be responsible for nearly 1% of the deaths in the world is breast cancer. While there is no exact way to know what exactly causes it in some women and not others, there might be a little science that is related to it. One of the main reasons behind it is the shift in lifestyle across the last couple of generations. Late marriage, delay in getting pregnant, less breastfeeding, and also a tendency to get overweight and genetic factors can all contribute to heighten the risk of breast cancer in women. Timely or regular check-ups can help detect it fast. Other lifestyle alterations as regular exercise, eating clean, etc will all aid in promoting better health. 

3)  Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD)

The next common female endocrine disorder affecting about 5-10% of women is Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD). This health issue is a condition in which there are many small cysts in the ovaries, which can affect the women’s ability to conceive. One of the most common side effects is irregular, light or no periods and in some others it can manifest as acne, hair loss, infertility, weight gain, or obesity. Regular gynaecology check ups can help control the condition and the right medical treatment can treat this disease. 4.

4)  Weight Gain

Many women worry that they are fat but often this is from a looks point of view. Leaving that aside, the tendency of women to put on weight especially Indian women is very high due to a multitude of reasons. Experts say that lack of exercise and heavy binging are among the major contributing factors for this. Married or unmarried, a good healthy diet combined with exercise is the way to keep weight gain at bay. It is said that most women put on weight after marriage is a complete myth. Marriage being something new, the ‘feel-good hormones do lead to some weight gain. Obesity can lead to other health issues, so watching what you eat and simple exercises can help in the long run. We can blame it on the changing lifestyles or even lesser body resistance but these health issues are a growing concern and getting insured for your health is also equally important. Click here to know more!

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