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Follow these eating habits to get thin

We are traditionally conditioned to consume three large meals a day, giving up to 4 hours in between each meal for digestion. This has been our meal schedule ever since we were little.

However, the world is waking up to the advantages of breaking down three major meals in the day to six smaller meals, spaced at 3 hour intervals. This does not mean that the six meals have the same portions or are the same as each other. They comprise all the major food groups and are broken down to sustain the body through the day while making the digestion process easier.

Portion control is crucial in the 6 meals plan. If you are likely to consume six large portions of food in a day, it is better to revert to the 3 meals a day plan.

6 smaller meals help the body’s metabolism remain active. With food being digested quicker (with smaller portions), the brain remains alert. People who follow this diet plan report higher levels of concentration and a drop in post-meal sluggishness. They also report less cravings for junk food and fizzy drinks.

The smaller meals plan is ideal for those looking to lose weight. However, one must ensure that the portions are small, the food fresh and free of excess sugar, salt and oil. With smaller portions of healthy food, the body responds to exercise faster. Fatty deposits begin to melt away, and one observes both weight loss and inch loss.

On the occasion of National Nutrition Week, it is significant to assess our current diet plan. Giving the 6 meals a day plan a trial will result in a slimmer, more energetic you. So why wait to embrace the good life?


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