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Portion Control - What it means and Tips to eat smarter

This blog specifically addresses simple health hacks to aid you in understanding the concept of portion control and also gives you simple tips to make you a smart eater.

By making smarter nutritional choices and increasing your physical activity, your health goals are much closer to you.

Read on to know more… 

Portion Control - What does it mean?

Portion control is an important key to maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. Portion control is something that stands right in the middle of excess calorie intake and not eating enough. There is often a wrong interpretation that it means eating very small portions and feeling hungry all the time. But this is not the case. Portion control means eating smart while eating fewer calories and still feeling satisfied.

Difference between Portion and Serving

For a few this difference can be confusing and the meaning can be very distorted. In simple words, A “serving” represents a commonly measured amount of food; for example, ½ cup of pasta is one serving. However, a “portion” represents the physical amount of food that is served on your plate.So, today we unearth the right way to eat smart portions of food and a few handy tips to do the same.

While eating, stress on the quality and not the quantity of food:

Pick foods that are rich in fibre and proteins as they will keep you satisfied for a longer period of time. One important thing to remember is to avoid fast foods and junk foods as they are devoid of any benefits or healthy nutrients. Healthy snacks are also a growing category now widely available and you have the choice of picking what you would prefer. Some options include foods like whole-grain/fiber-rich biscuits, fruits, and veggies, or even fresh fruits.

Understand the food labels

The most important thing to do while buying a product is to check the labels. The nutritional facts on the label are the best resource for understanding portion sizes. The label has details like the serving size and the number of servings per box, use this information effectively in order to keep you keep a check on your portion size.

 Oftentimes, the serving size is not representative of what people normally consume.

Serve food on small plates (this applies while snacking as well).

The objective here is to use smaller cutlery, bowls, and plates to avoid overeating.

Using smaller bowls for your snack instead of just grabbing from the bag or container, serving meals on smaller plates, and avoiding placing extras on the table - these are effective steps that you can take to have control of the number of calories and food we are eating.

Drink water before your meals

Some of us often confuse thirst with hunger and thus end up eating more food when we probably just needed some water. With proper intake of water we can definitely manage our hunger pangs better. Drinking a glass or two of water before you start your meals helps you feel fuller and helps you eat potentially less. This tip is often recommended for those pursuing fat loss goals as well.

When eating... just eat

It is not a healthy habit to multitask – watch TV, help your kid with homework, reply to pending emails while you eat. If there are too many distractions while you are eating, you are not going to feel satisfied at the end of the meal, and you could feel tempted to get another unnecessary serving. To avoid this, it’s best to sit and relax while you eat and enjoy at least one meal in the day with your family.

These are some of the things that you can keep in mind while you try incorporating portion control or smart eating habits alongside a balanced nutrition plan. To be able to see changes one has to be consistent in behaviour and focus on achieving long term goals rather than choosing shortcuts which might only end up fostering unhealthy habits.

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