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8 Common Workout Mistakes You need to STOP doing now!

Working out is one of the best ways to keep yourself fit and healthy. Exercise benefits each and every part of your body, from head to toe, and in fact it also has benefits for your mind. It helps deal with certain diseases and helps prevention of chronic diseases like obesity, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. With so many pros, you might want to not only workout consistently, but also correctly.

People often get carried away with the efforts they put into getting fit and often unknowingly make mistakes that can prevent them from reaching their fitness goals. One must keep in mind that making such mistakes can lead to adverse side effects and wreck your workout results permanently.  Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes which fitness enthusiasts make without knowledge while working out vigorously -

Missing out on your warm-up session-

your muscles, (before you put them to work), need to be flexible. When you start exercising after a long break, you must warm up your body a bit. Doing this will push blood, heat, and oxygen to your muscles and prepare them for changes. No matter what kind of exercise you do, make sure you spend at least 15 mins to warm up your body.

Setting unrealistic expectations and pushing yourself to lift more - this is especially true if you are lifting too much too soon. Doing this may lead to cramps and muscle tears. Hence take it slowly and make sure you don’t set unrealistic expectations in your fitness journey.

Improper hydration-

as you start making workouts a part of your daily routine, you are more likely to lose water through sweat. Hence it’s important to drink at least six to eight cups of water and even more if you are exercising. Drinking fluids help in making your joints flexible and stabilise your blood pressure and heart rate.

Bad posture-

slouched and rounded shoulders are a big NO when it comes to workouts. You might end up putting your shoulders and back at risk if you continue to workout in a slouched position. Ensure that your back and shoulders are straight before you start exercising.


it’s no wonder that consistency yields the best results. The same applies to fitness as well. Hopping from one workout to another without a proper plan might only lead to a waste of time and energy. Hence create a routine with the help of your fitness trainer and follow that religiously.

Not sleeping enough

Now it’s not sufficient if only your fitness game is on point. Sleep is very crucial for you. If you want your efforts at the gym to be fruitful, then ensure that you sleep for at least six to eight hours per day. Sleep facilitates muscle growth and recovery.

Pick the right outfit for your workout

Wear breathable fabric as you are going to sweat a lot during your workout session. Plus, you don’t want to hinder your physical ability due to poor outfit choices. And above all this, you need to feel comfortable while you exercise. Hence choose an outfit that suits your needs.

Track your workout journey.

This is extremely important as you need to know where you stand after weeks of push-ups and pull-ups. It doesn’t matter if you have reached your goals or not. But it’s important to track your progress as it helps you identify your weak points and where you are falling short. Hence maintain a journal or track it digitally, but ensure you have something to look back at when you try to measure your results.

These are some of the common workout mistakes that you would do well to avoid. Remember, working out correctly is as important as working out. These mistakes, though they may seem small, can add up and cumulatively hinder your progress and prevent you from reaching your fitness goals, if not corrected. Hope this blog reminds you to be attentive when you workout, so that you have a fruitful session that positively contributes to your health and fitness journey.

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