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Beneficial Insights on Health Insurance

It may come as a shock for many that the health of 99.8% of the Indian population still remains uninsured! This was revealed in a 2013 survey conducted by the IRDA. This means that only 0.2% of the population is currently insured. With health hazards becoming more and more common with every passing day, this indeed is an alarming fact. And if you are among the 99.8% that still don't have health cover, it is time to sit up and think! Remember, insuring your health is a must given today's exorbitant medical costs! If you are wondering why you really do need health insurance, here are some reasons worth considering.

Health Insurance: Is it a Good Idea?

If you are on the verge of deciding whether health insurance is a good idea for you, the following reasons could motivate you to take the plunge now:

  • Emergencies do not seek appointments! 
    Remember, a health hazard or a health scare could visit you at just about any time. There could be sudden, accidental occurrences, resulting in fatal injuries that need immediate medical attention. Health complications of a chronic nature may also crop up in the family, warranting prompt hospitalization. And arranging for funds for the best medical care may not always be possible. This is when having health cover could easily see you through.
  • The Quality of Medical Care is extremely Important. 
    Just getting your loved one into any medical facility may not work. You would certainly want the best available assistance for your near and dear ones. And if you have a health insurance policy that covers members of your family too, affording it would never be a problem! Most prominent hospitals in India entertain cashless claims from popular insurance companies. The trick here is to choose your insurance provider with care and opt for the best policy within your budget.
  • There are Tax Rebates Too. 
    This really is the cherry on the cake! The Income Tax Act allows rebates to the tune of Rs 15,ooo per annum when you opt for health insurance. Plus, an additional rebate of Rs 15,000 rebate is provided if you include your parents in the policy. The amount could be increased to Rs 20,000 if your parents are over 60 years of age. Therefore, you can actually save up to Rs 35,000 every year when you opt for a health policy for yourself and your family.

Choosing a befitting health insurance policy may not be the easiest task however. It would require comprehensive evaluation and thorough comparison of policies available.

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