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Dietary supplements - boon or bane?

With so many quick fixes around us for every trouble our body goes through, we often tend to ignore the advantages of conventional solutions in general. It sounds much easier to pick up a bottle of supplement tablet and pop in a pill or two than actually build your immunity slowly, by having a balanced diet. From weight loss to weight gain, a quick solution that requires the least effort is what we tend to lean towards. There are ‘n’ number of supplements available in the market - multivitamin, protein, iron, calcium, etc. But to what extent do these supplements do their job, without harming our body or the digestive system? Do we need to stop, go back and think over our choices again? The answer is quite simple. Yes, you would need to rethink this. But it doesn’t mean that you have to entirely stop taking your supplements. There are advantages and disadvantages to taking supplements on a regular basis. One needs to be mindful of the reasons why he or she is taking supplements. Here are a few advantages of taking dietary supplements on a day to day basis -

  • Consuming supplements every day helps our body to catch up on the daily dosage of vitamins and minerals which we may have otherwise missed. This is the most ideal way to replenish nutrients for anyone who is unable to give their body an adequate amount of nutrition through freshly cooked food. Hence supplements always come in handy for people with general diet deficiencies.
  • It helps protect the body from diseases by improving your immunity levels. As every supplement is aimed at a different part of the body, you can target specific areas and work on building it.
  • Supplements improve your body’s overall muscular strength and endurance. Hence if you are into sports or fitness, then do consider including supplements into your diet after consulting your trainer or a doctor.

Now that we know the benefits of dietary supplements, let’s take a look at when and why you need to keep your supplement intake under control -

  • Excessive intake of dietary supplements can cause major side effects to your body. From minor effects like vomiting, nausea, muscle weakness to major effects like liver damage and birth defects, there’s a lot to be careful about. Hence, ensure that your intake of supplements are under control and never without a prescription.
  • Supplements are less healthier when compared to the vitamins and minerals you get through your meal that you take every day. Although these pills may provide abundant amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients, it lacks the fibre present in your balanced meal.
  • The danger of overdosing - as you know, it’s not possible to overdose on food. But it is quite possible to overdose on your pills, which may either lead to multiple, dangerous side effects or lead you to waste all those expensive pills which will go unabsorbed by your body. Hence take your pills in moderation and only when it’s absolutely necessary.
  • And one of the most obvious disadvantages of taking supplements is the price. Not all tablets are under budget. Some are definitely on the pricier side. You may find eating a balanced meal more affordable than buying and stocking up those expensive supplements. Hence make a wise choice before you start investing in supplements.

Like every other thing, there are pros and cons of dietary supplements too. There’s a reason why your body is having a certain deficiency. And yes, supplement tablets are a great way to bridge the gap and provide essential micronutrients and macronutrients to your body when in need. But do keep in mind that excess of anything could lead to even dangerous side effects, which can potentially leave your body in a state of irreparable damage. It may be prudent to consult your general physician or a nutritionist before you start taking a supplement. Also buy health insurance from Chola MS and get security in life.

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