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Affordable And Convenient - Flexi Health Insurance!

Many people, regardless of their age, are under the impression that purchasing a health insurance policy is an ideal investment only for people over the age of 40 or 50. Little do they know that purchasing a health insurance policy in your 20s is not only a good move in your financial planning but one can also make use of the multiple advantages that come along with it. For a twenty-five-year-old youngster who’s just gotten a job or just been promoted, purchasing a health insurance policy might seem a bit irrelevant due to the inherent, stereotypical thought that health insurance policies are meant for the aged. However, here’s where you need some perspective.

A health insurance policy, when bought at a young age, ensures that you get better coverage. And here’s where the Flexi health insurance policy by Chola MS steps up to meet the needs and expectations of younger customers. The Flexi Health Insurance Policy is specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of young adults and help them plan their finance in a better way. Its maximum coverage at flexible payment makes it extremely convenient and affordable for young adults who are smart and interested in being financially responsible.

This health cover provides a cost-effective method of protecting yourself against health or medical emergencies. As a proud policyholder of Flexi health insurance, you can have more control over your health care, choice of doctors, and also the choice of services. This affordable option of protecting your health can also be customized to meet your needs like sum insured, premium mode, and tenure under the policy. In addition to affordability, it also has numerous other benefits that you can avail of as a policyholder. Some of the benefits include flexible payment options when it comes to premiums, the flexible sum insured options, location-based premium rating, the cashless facility at over 8100 + network hospitals, the sum insured restoration up to 100%, recharge benefit, the additional sum insured for road traffic accidents, daily cash benefit for accompanying person expenses, waiting period of only 36 months for pre-existing diseases or illnesses and direct claim settlement. This policy is not just limited to allopathy but also includes every other form of treatment and medicine available out there.

Following are the ways in which you can choose to pay your premium -

  • Single-Premium Payment Prior To Commencement Date of Cover
  • Annual Payment Mode
  • Monthly Payment Mode
  • Quarterly Payment Mode
  • Half Yearly Payment Mode

Now, having spoken about affordability, it’s also important to know what your policy WILL NOT COVER no matter what your payment mode is. Pre-existing diseases until 36 consecutive months of continuous coverage, non-medical expenses during hospitalisation, medical expenses caused due to acts of war are some of the exceptions.

As a new entrant in the job market, you might have various ideas and opinions on investing your hard-earned money. Investing in a health insurance policy at a young age can help you deal with health emergencies at any stage of life in an effective and efficient manner. Make the right choice today.

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