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Adding flexibility to your health insurance is now easy

If you are looking for a flexible health investment option to have better hospital coverage during health emergencies, then your search ends right here! The Flexi Health Insurance Policy from Chola MS is your go-to option if you are looking for a customized health insurance policy that has maximum coverage and a flexible payment system. There are many reasons why you should get your health insured through the Flexi health insurance policy. And not to mention, the process is extremely simple! Here’s why you should add this policy into your investment plan so that you can yield benefits in the long run!

This plan literally moulds itself around your life. It allows you to personalise your sum insured, premium payment mode, and tenure under the policy. In addition to allopathy, you have an option to avail coverage from other forms of treatment like homeopathy, ayurveda etc, making it a truly inclusive plan to cover your health needs.

After you purchase your policy, the following things will be covered as per your plan - hospitalisation expenses, pre - hospitalisation expenses, post - hospitalisation expenses, daycare procedures, AYUSH coverage, Domiciliary hospitalisation coverage, organ donor hospitalisation expenses, emergency ambulance expenses, and newborn baby cover (this coverage is applicable from Day one, subject to mother being covered under the policy for continuous 12 months from the policy commencement date. In addition to these basic covers, there are a few more benefits as a part of the coverage. This includes sum insured restoration for unrelated claims, recharge benefits for related claims, the accidental sum insured for claims due to Road Traffic Accident (RTA), daily care benefit, compassionate travel, repatriation of mortal remains, and medical second opinion.

In this plan, you have two flexible options of coverage - individual cover and family floater cover. Under individual coverage, the insurer can avail cover for all family members, ie, yourself, spouse, parents, parents in law, and even siblings on an Individual Sum Insured basis. Under this, each individual insured will have an independent sum insured limit within the same policy. Under the family floater cover, including yourself, you can get coverage for your spouse, children up to a maximum of six months. Single sum insured floats among the family members covered under the policy. However, it is mandatory to get yourself covered to be able to cover other family members.

Once availed, you also have the flexibility to pay the premium according to your choice. You can go for a single premium payment prior to the commencement date of cover, annual payment mode, monthly payment mode, quarterly payment mode, and half-yearly payment mode.

These are some of the flexible benefits which you can avail as a part of our Flexi Health Insurance Policy. It’s specifically designed keeping in mind the young citizens in their twenties and early thirties, who are on the lookout of flexible investment options to suit their needs. Options are endless when it comes to health insurance. Even so, for those who prefer plans that can be personalised to yield the maximum benefits as one grows older, this is the wisest choice to make!

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