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A few easy ways to get in shape this summer!

Summer is here and so is the need to get in shape! Whether it’s because you don’t fit into your jeans anymore or you’ve decided to adopt a healthy lifestyle going forward, all of us have, at one point in life, set fitness goals and failed miserably. Planning a routine is pretty easy. The hard part is the struggle to follow that routine systematically. Getting that summer-ready body in a few months might seem a huge task but it’s not impossible! All you need is to cultivate a passion for fitness and a little bit of discipline. Get your fitness goals tracker in place today! Here are a few things to keep in mind before starting your fitness journey -

    Include protein-rich foods in your diet

    - doing this will reap you multiple benefits. Firstly, it boosts your metabolism and changes various weight regulating hormones. Secondly, it helps reduce hunger cravings which in turn makes it much easier to say no to junk food and stick to healthy food.

    Schedule your workout session in the morning

    - finding the motivation to workout at the evening/night might be difficult. Try slotting it for the early hours of the day. In fact, research indicates that by doing this, you will be more likely to eat healthily throughout the day instead of convincing yourself to eat something with the promise of sweating it out later.
  1. Stay hydrated throughout the day

    - this is especially important during summer. To maximise your body’s fat-burning capacity, it’s important to drink plenty of water. To add a twist to your daily water intake, try using an infuser and add fresh citrus flavours, mint leaves, or even ginger.
  2. Set up your own workout space at home

    - in those circumstances when you are unable to hit the gym, make use of your home workout space. This is a great way to help you stick to your schedule even when you are half-hearted about hitting the gym.
  3. Track your progress

    - in addition to your main goal, set smaller targets as well throughout your fitness journey and track your progress on a regular basis. Maintaining a fitness journal will push yourself to work harder and sincerely.
  4. Make a list of food that you need to avoid

    - now that you know what you must eat, you must also know what you must not eat to get that perfect summer body. Try to do away with refined carbohydrates like pasta, white bread, cereals and also cut down on processed sugar. All these are low in vitamins, minerals, and fibres and hence not the right choice when you’re trying to get in shape.
  5. Seek support from your loved ones

    - you are more likely to follow your fitness routine diligently if you know that a friend is checking up on you. A simple “you can do it” from your partner or friend is a great motivation for yourself to keep going!
  6. Get enough sleep

    - sleep is as important as eating right! You could be following the best diet plan ever but without adequate sleep, you might be stuck at square one. Your body uses the time when you sleep to repair damaged tissues. It also helps you get some rest. Hence make sure your sleep schedule is not haywire.
  7. Take your time, don’t rush into it

    - if you believe you have been out of shape for quite some time, you are more likely to lose motivation when you push yourself too hard. You need to realise that it’s going to take time for you to settle into this new routine and diet. Make sure you split your workout sessions throughout the week. Be reasonable, factor in your regular schedule, and plan adequate rest and recovery days to let your body cope and recover from high-density workouts. If you keep at it, within a few weeks, you will start seeing improvements in your workout capacity and then you can dial up the intensity/frequency.

Work on a plan that suits your lifestyle and be kind to yourself. Don’t push yourself too much during the process and at the same time, be disciplined. Only a perfect balance between the two can help you achieve your fitness goals without compromising on your relaxed lifestyle.

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