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5 simple yet awesome ways to start the day!

It is said that it’s a combination of small things that tends to have a bigger impact on life. Similarly, it might seem small but the way you begin your morning can have a tremendous impact on how you face the rest of your day.

If you are waking up after hitting the snooze button (most of us use the phone now and not an alarm clock) and immediately checking your phone, you’re throwing yourself into a high alert mode even before waking up properly. 

Sometimes this can be a work notification or even a piece of news that has caught your eye, this can lead to nervous energy which leads to not giving your mind and body the proper nourishment it needs as it comes out of rest. Instead, you’re opening yourself up to anxiety, which only worsens as the day goes on.

One of the most important aspects of self-care is to get as much sleep as possible. Snoozing until the last second only leads to rushing around and playing catch-up with the time you lost lying in bed. Also since when, is it really considered quality sleep when the alarm is constantly buzzing in the background every five minutes?

So to help you create a healthy morning routine, here are five things you can do for a  better, healthier, and much better productive start to your day.

1. Wake Up Earlier

Did you know an interesting fact about Michelle Obama? She starts her workout at 4:30 a.m! She did confess that it was much easier to do at the White House because of all that added support, but she is not alone when it comes to waking up at the crack of dawn. There are many highly successful people who like to use those early hours to get ahead. And while 4:30 may be unreasonable for you, waking up at least 30 minutes before your usual rising time could be incredibly impactful for your well-being. If you’re ready to create a morning routine, then you’re going to need the time to do it. (And squeezing it in during your morning rush won’t suffice!) Start by taking baby steps. Once you start carving out this time for yourself, you’ll soon look forward to it each day.

2. Drink Hot Water With Lemon

Are you a caffeine lover? Don’t worry you don’t need to give it up until you decide you want to!  But before you pour your daily cuppa, try boiling some water and squeezing half a lemon into it. The temperature of the water will both soothe your body and stimulate your digestion while the lemon squeeze will activate enzymes to detoxify your liver. (Yes, there is a science to it!) Many health cleanses suggest making this your first-morning sip of hot water and lemon. It is likely that after a few days of this, one’s craving for caffeine will subside.

3. Meditation or Journalling of thoughts

The very reason for creating a morning routine is to have that quiet time to connect with yourself. When you start your day coming from this place of connection, it carries through for the rest of your life. A discipline that is formed is something that one looks forward to following because of its positive effects on life. An excellent way to clear your mind is to put pen to paper and journal your thoughts. Get to the root of what’s happening in your life, both internally and externally. This simple act can be a big win of your day, especially for people who have a very stressful work life.  With meditation, stillness, and practice of the process is simply being with whatever comes up. While the goal isn’t to stop thinking, you do want to let your thoughts go so you’re not placing any attention or emotion into what you’re thinking. The hope is to allow your thoughts to settle so your mind will quiet down.

4. Move Your Body 

Getting up early is hard enough, now to add a workout to it can be a real pain right? But it’s the best way to give yourself some great positive energy. If you have worked on carving out the time in the morning, the next logical step is to include some form of movement into the routine. Whether it’s 10 minutes of stretch or 30 minutes of yoga, by getting the body to move early in the day, you get your blood flowing, the endorphins going. This will definitely give you a great boost in your energy to keep you fresh and productive all through the day.

5. Eat A Healthy Breakfast

A nice meal is a perfect finish to your morning routine. This helps you in putting your metabolism into high gear, as it provides much-needed nourishment as you come out of the fasting (sleep) mode. Now choosing what to eat is also important. Make sure you opt for foods that are nutritious such as avocado toast with its high dose of healthy fats and energy-producing carbs. Smoothies are another healthy choice - but rather than go all fruit, which can get high in sugar, add in some veggies or greens for balance. (for instance Kale goes really well with banana and pineapple!) The goal is to sate your hunger and raise your energy

We hope this has inspired you to rejig your morning routine. Once you start doing these things daily, you’ll start your day from a place of positivity, which will carry through into the rest of your day. Better days are surely the recipe for a more positive and fulfilling life.

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