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Self-motivation is something you have to do for a healthy relationship with yourself. If you aren’t your own cheerleader, you’ll find that others will soon pick up that they have nothing to cheer for either. Be your own motivator and finish tasks efficiently with these five simple tips!

Smart Starts:

A task isn’t doomed for failure if you don’t feel motivated enough to start it. It helps when you break a task down to subtasks and focus on the parts that are the easiest to finish. The positive energy that you receive from each accomplished subtask will motivate you!

Praise yourself:

Acknowledge your own capabilities and achievements. Self-validation is an important step towards self-motivation. This causes a surge of dopamine, the happiness hormone in your brain, and nudges you towards completing a task.

Reward yourself:

We all like a little incentive to things! Motivate yourself to look forward to completing tasks by promising yourself a reward or a treat after you finish. This could be as trivial as watching an episode of your favourite TV show or as great as a shopping spree!

Set deadlines for deadlines:

Set yourself deadlines for tasks a while earlier than the due date by which they need to be completed. This motivates you to start tasks well ahead of time than when required, allowing you to spend more time on things that need fine-tuning.

Take quick breaks:

If you feel stuck doing something, it’s always a great idea to take a step back to see why. The best way to do this is to let your brain relax for a while. Take a five-minute break or as much time as needed to refresh your brain and get back to focusing on the task at hand.

These are simple tips you can do on an everyday basis to feel more motivated and efficient. If you have any more tips on self-motivation, comment below!

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