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5 Hormones that affect your health!

Hormones or more commonly known as ‘chemical messengers’ are an integral part of the human biological system. The role of hormones in our body is to provide an internal communication system between cells that are located in different parts of the human body. With such a crucial task, one can guess how the highs and lows of hormones can affect our mental and physical health in multiple ways. Hormones in our body are secreted directly into the bloodstream by the endocrine glands. In essence, they control and coordinate activities throughout the body. Hormones are vital for your health and well being. It is not a surprise that hormones affect your health and weight to a great extent. They affect numerous processes in our body like growth and development, metabolism, reproduction, moods, etc. Sometimes, imbalanced hormones in the body can also lead to issues like weight loss, weight gain, diabetes, weaker bones, infertility, etc. Let us take a glance at some of the hormones that have a massive impact on our health -

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone -

this pituitary hormone stimulates the thyroid gland to produce thyroxine T4 and triiodothyronine T3 which in turn stimulates every tissue’s metabolism in our body. Imbalance in the thyroid-stimulating hormone can lead to severe conditions such as sudden weight gain, weight loss, dry skin, sensitivity to cold and heat, mood swings, and in some cases, even depression. These are the symptoms to look out for. However, this can be effectively treated with modifications in the lifestyle, yoga, workout, etc.

Insulin -

You would have definitely heard about this one from a diabetic person at least once in your life. This particular hormone regulates the body glucose or the sugar levels which our body receives from the carbohydrates we consume. With the help of this hormone, our body is able to store and utilize glucose when in need. Just like every other hormone, even this one has symptoms if it’s not in balance in our body. Visible changes include sudden weight loss or weight gain, frequent urination, frequently feeling hungry, fatigued, and slow healing period of wounds on your body. Similar to the thyroid-stimulating hormone, you will have to bring about a change in your lifestyle to be able to overcome this. Healthy eating habits, keeping your body fit and a stress-free life are the other things you can focus on.

Estrogen -

The hormone responsible for functions like ovulation, menstruation, and breast development among women, this plays an important role in a woman’s reproductive health. Abnormalities in levels of estrogen can lead to conditions like depression, weight gain, difficulty in sleeping, anxiety, headaches, and of course, menstrual issues. These can definitely be treated with regular medication combined with lifestyle changes with respect to eating habits and fitness.

Adrenaline -

As everyone knows, the main purpose of this particular hormone is to prepare the body for its fight or flight response. It comes along with quick decision making in intense situations. However, too much adrenaline for long periods of time can cause issues like blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, irritability, and heart palpitations.

Serotonin -

This is that happy hormone that is often associated with learning, memory, mood regulation, sleep regulation, etc. As expected, low levels of serotonin can cause depression, insomnia, migraine, and weight gain. On the contrary, high levels of this hormone can lead to issues like agitation, sedation, and confusion.

These are some of the hormones that cause major changes to our physical and mental well being. Keeping them under check would do a lot of good to your body. Maintaining moderate levels isn’t as hard as it sounds. Regular medication paired with a healthy lifestyle can do wonders for your body in unimaginable ways!

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