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Health Insurance Tips

  • Why You Should Choose Group Health Insurance Policy?

    When an organisation buys an insurance package for its employees, then it is defined as group insurance. Under a group health insurance the employer gets the flexibility to either self-design a plan or choose a pre-planned insurance policy from the insurer. Many a time, an individual may find it expensive to pay the premium of health insurance. So, as when an organisation offers a group health insurance opportunity, the employees are secured without any hassle.

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  • Benefits of Health Insurance by Chola MS

    Rohit Dahall, a 38-year-old Mumbai resident, faced a situation where his son underwent treatment for typhoid at a hospital in Mumbai. Mr. Rohit, initially, made a claim just for the hospital bill, overlooking the post-hospitalisation expenses that the policy offered. It was after one of our agents stepped in, and informed him about the claim that can be made for the amount spent on follow-up treatment and the medicines prescribed by the doctors.

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  • Follow these eating habits to get thin

    We are traditionally conditioned to consume three large meals a day, giving up to 4 hours in between each meal for digestion. This has been our meal schedule ever since we were little.

    However, the world is waking up to the advantages of breaking down three major meals in the day to six smaller meals, spaced at 3 hour intervals. This does not mean that the six meals have the same portions or are the same as each other. They comprise all the major food groups and are broken down to sustain the body through the day while making the digestion process easier.

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  • 7 positive effects green tea has on your health

    Green tea is a wonder remedy in a cup. Drink at least two cups of green tea every day for excellent health.

    Indians are inveterate tea drinkers. Most of us love to start our mornings with a cup of fragrant, hot and sweet tea. The stronger our tea (when infused with spices), the better we like it. Tea is an integral part of our DNA – most of us cannot imagine going through our days without a cup of tea to cheer us up.

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  • When is the best time to buy insurance?

    Learn from Sumit Agarwal’s story – and don’t make the same mistakes he made. Sumit Agarwal (37) has had a reasonably secure life. He has a stable job, a small family and reasonable monthly expenses. So he decided to get health insurance for himself and his family. If only he had taken insurance five years ago…

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  • What you need to Know about Network Hospitals and Cashless Policies

    A medical insurance company might have over 7,000 network hospitals. And, for many, this number is enough to make an insurance decision. However, think of the possibilities. What if not even one of these network hospitals is located in your locality? Then, the policy isn’t much use, right? Instead, if a company offers only around 2,000 hospitals, and one is located just around the corner from your home; it works! Therefore, what matters more than the number of hospitals a company offers is having a network hospital close to where you live; accessible, when you need it the most. So, while selecting a health insurance plan, it is equally important to go through exactly what the plan offers, and then come to a decision.

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  • Family Floater Plan: How is it Different from an Individual Policy?

    Is a family floater health insurance plan really cheaper than individual medical insurance? When you take into consideration the relative covers required for every family member; floater policies work out to be cheaper. Apart from that, the family members also enjoy a higher sum assured.

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  • Has India Moved Too Far Away from the Joint Family System?

    When German photographer Nora Bibel came all the way from Berlin to Bengaluru to take snaps of joint families in India, it became news. The story published in Times of India (November, 2014) created waves, sparking a new debate about whether Indians should revisit their traditional family setup, reversing the trend of nuclear families. Is it already too late to make a U-turn? Or maybe it is no longer a feasible idea. Let’s first understand what drives the recent trend of independent living.

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  • Cover for Hospital Expenses Isn’t the Only Reason for Health Insurance

    Yes, health insurance does cover hospital charges, but there is so much more left unsaid. In fact many Indians do not go for a renewal, principally due to their ignorance of its larger benefits. Given that volume of cover plans have grown by more than 10 folds in the decade ending in 2010, the insurance penetration is extremely low. For instance, as of 2010, over 83.3% of the Americans are covered by health insurance plans compared to 5.51% of the Indians.

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  • Immediate Steps to Take after You Witness a Heart Attack

    India has the highest prevalence of heart related diseases in the world, and the country "will have 62 million patients with heart disease by 2015, compared to 16 million in the US," said Enas A Enas, Director, CADI (Coronary Artery Disease among Asian Indians) Research Foundation, California.

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  • 7 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

    If your pregnancy test has come back positive, you are about to embark on a life-altering journey! As your baby grows in your womb, you will need to cope with numerous changes, both physically and emotionally.

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  • Family Health Insurance Cover

    It may come as a shock for many that the health of 99.8% of the Indian population still remains uninsured! This was revealed in a 2013 survey conducted by the IRDA. This means that only 0.2% of the population is currently insured.

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  • All about Medical Insurance Claims

    It is best to buy medical insurance from a company that has a flawless claim settlement record. You can look for claim settlement ratios online. However, what is even more advisable is to have a clear understanding of what your policy covers and excludes.

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  • Beneficial Insights on Health Insurance

    Things to Know About Family Health Insurance Cover Family is your first and most important asset. Risks to health and accidents can cause a great deal of mental trauma.

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  • A Smart Guide to Buying Health Insurance

    You may be surprised to learn that not having health insurance could actually double your medical expenses when you walk in for a surgical or inpatient procedure! This is reason enough to ensure that you and your family are covered for medical emergencies. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available today to choose from.

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  • Do You Really Need a Health Insurance?

    Why is it important to get yourself and your family covered with a health insurance? Well, you know the obvious reason. If you are not covered, sudden medical expenses can catch you off guard. Moreover, with healthcare costs rising at an alarming rate, it becomes nearly impossible for a common man to handle medical emergencies without insurance.

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  • Hospital Cash Insurance: Important Facts

    Have you planned to rely on your hospital cash insurance to undertake the long pending cosmetic surgery procedure that you have been yearning for? Unfortunately, procedures undertaken for cosmetic purposes, such as plastic surgery or liposuction, are excluded from a policy of this nature.

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  • Top Features of Hospital Cash Insurance

    Did you know that to file a claim based on your hospital cash insurance policy, it will be necessary to submit copies of the complete investigation report as well as consultation notes, along with the complete discharge summary, duly signed by the doctor in charge? Claims will not be processed unless you help the cause by providing all the required documents and paperwork to your insurer.

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  • What to Consider when Comparing Medical Insurance Plans

    Alarming but true, a recently published Zee News feature has stated that only a measly 15% of the Indian population actually has some form of medical insurance! And if you happen to belong to the balance 85%, it’s time get smart.

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