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5 Reasons to Review to Renew Your Health Insurance Plan Annually | Chola MS

Want to know the top 5 reasons to review to renew your health insurance plan annually? Check out our blog post...

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Why You Should Choose Group Health Insurance Policy?

When an organisation buys an insurance package for its employees, then it is defined as group insurance. Under...

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Benefits of Health Insurance by Chola MS

Rohit Dahall, a 38-year-old Mumbai resident, faced a situation where his son underwent treatment for typhoid a...

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Why Every Woman Should Get a Health Insurance

Straight from work to the household, women are bringing massive changes in the world while walking beside men....

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What to Consider when Comparing Medical Insurance Plans

Alarming but true, a recently published Zee News feature has stated that only a measly 15% of the Indian popul...

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Top Features of Hospital Cash Insurance

Did you know that to file a claim based on your hospital cash insurance policy, it will be necessary to submit...

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Hospital Cash Insurance: Important Facts

Have you planned to rely on your hospital cash insurance to undertake the long pending cosmetic surgery proced...

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Do You Really Need a Health Insurance?

Why is it important to get yourself and your family covered with a health insurance? Well, you know the obviou...

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A Smart Guide to Buying Health Insurance

You may be surprised to learn that not having health insurance could actually double your medical expenses whe...

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Beneficial Insights on Health Insurance

It may come as a shock for many that the health of 99.8% of the Indian population still remains uninsured!...

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All about Medical Insurance Claims

It is best to buy medical insurance from a company that has a flawless claim settlement record. You can look f...

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7 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

If your pregnancy test has come back positive, you are about to embark on a life-altering journey! As your bab...

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Immediate Steps to Take after You Witness a Heart Attack

Here are some important immediate steps that needs to be taken if you witness a heart attack. Read our blog po...

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Cover for Hospital Expenses Isn’t the Only Reason for Health Insurance

Want to know some inportant reason to buy health insurance? Read out our blog post and get some reason to buy ...

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Family Floater Plan: How is it Different from an Individual Policy?

Check out how Family Floater Plan is different from an individual policy, the benefits of family floater plan ...

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What you need to Know about Network Hospitals and Cashless Policies

Get all information about network hospitals, cashless health policies, why cashless services are important in ...

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7 positive effects green tea has on your health

Green tea is a wonder remedy in a cup. Drink at least two cups of green tea every day for excellent health. Re...

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Things to Know About Family Health Insurance Cover

Get all information about what is covered under family health insurance, what is not and many such things. Rea...

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Has India Moved Too Far Away from the Joint Family System?

Is India Moving Back towards a New Family Structure? Have such questions? Read our blog post today for more in...

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When is the best time to buy insurance?

There is no ‘right’ time to buy insurance. You must buy health insurance ASAP. Check out some important factor...

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Follow these eating habits to get thin

Want to get thin? Here are some eating habits you need to follow. Read our blog post to know more!...

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