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Why are CNG Cars the Way Forward?

Over the years, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) has become the talk of the town. It has increased in popularity and now is available as a variant for commercial and personal vehicles.  The reason for this rising popularity is because of the increasing pollution levels of the country and fuel prices too. The vehicular emissions from using regular car fuels are not only harmful to the environment but are also the root cause of many respiratory health diseases.  Read on to know more about why CNG should be preferred over other variants and how it is the way forward!

What is CNG?

One of the most defining features of this gas is that it is odourless, colourless, and non-corrective under pressure. CNG is known as the cleaner fuel as the emissions from burning this gas is way lesser than the conventional fuel types like petrol and diesel.

What are the advantages of using CNG cars?

This fuel is a gift that keeps on giving! The following are the main advantages of using this fuel over others-

1. Price

This type of fuel for your car is cheaper than petrol and diesel. With the government pushing for clean and green alternatives for various things, the manufacturers of cars can avail subsidies for manufacturing cars with CNG variants. This encourages you to get cars with the CNG variant over the other variant. Making these cars affordable makes it easier for existing car owners to switch. So, what are you waiting for? Switch today!

2. Environment-friendly

As mentioned above, CNG cars are environment-friendly as the emissions released while burning this gas is low. Due to low pollution in the air, you are also at a lower risk of falling sick to various respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis, etc. Studies have shown that one of the most harmful gas- carbon monoxide that is released while burning fuel is 80% lower. Since it is in the form of a gas, it leaves little to no residue behind while burning which brings us to the next advantage.

3. Good for the Car’s Engine

Conventional fuel types like petrol and diesel leave behind some residue when burnt. This residue not only causes damages to your car’s engine but may also deteriorate the quality of the tubes and pipes. This reduces your car’s performance. Over time, it becomes unsafe to drive with that engine and you may have to go to the service centres to clean the engine out. This is not the case for CNG cars as there is no residue left behind.

4. Low cost of maintenance

There is no denying that servicing your car is an expensive affair. CNG being the cleaner and green fuel with no residue ensures that you don’t have to frequent your car service centres often. This saves you money and ensures that your car is performing to your expectations. It also increases the lifespan of your car.

You might think that CNG is not accessible once you opt for the variant. But this is not true. The government has taken steps to ensure that CNG stations are available nearest to wherever you are by investing nearly Rs 70,000 Crores.

Best part? If you have a valid insurance policy, you don’t have to carry the burden of paying for various expenses from your pockets. Get insured, switch to CNG, and take care of the environment!

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