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What to do after facing an accident on the road?

Despite taking precautions, there are times when you can get involved in an accident. At stressful times like these with emotions running high, trying to follow a certain step of actions, as listed below, will help you calm down, gather your thoughts and make the right decisions to get out smoothly from this unfortunate circumstance.

1. Look out for Injuries: The top priority post an accident is to check for injuries, first on yourself and then on the other party involved. Thereafter look for medical assistance if need be.

2. Collect Information and Document the accident: Look for damages on the car and then collect the vehicle information as well as insurance details of the other party involved. In case the misfortune was caused by you, then share the same set of details with the injured party. Following this, make sure to click photographs, record from all angles, the cars, and the incident scene. Also, take note of every little detail in the surrounding environment.

3. Inform the Police: Next, notify the police and file an FIR depending on the damage caused.

4. Inform your Insurance company: After you’ve gathered information and evidence, ring your insurance provider at the earliest to inform them of the accident in detail and seek a claim settlement to get the best help for the damages suffered.

Staying calm, not running away, and making sure to file for a claim are the other three things one must do post an accident. Some of the documents required during the claim settlement process are -

● Copy of the Car Insurance Policy

● Copy of the driver’s Driving Licence

● FIR from the police

● Copy of your car’s Registration Certificate (RC)

● Medical Receipts, Damage bills

● Filled and signed claim form

Keeping this in mind, it’s important to remind yourself that life is very uncertain and it's best to be prepared for any unexpected circumstances that may arise. To lend a helping hand for situations like these, a Car Insurance Policy such as that of Cholamandalam MS is made available and mandatory for everybody. Safety of oneself is of the highest priority for all and insurers aim to provide strong support. Now that the importance of having and claiming for accident insurance has been repeatedly pointed out, it's best to remember that having a clear head and taking quick action is crucial during uncertain moments of an accident.

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