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What is the Anti Lock Braking System?

Everyone is prone to an accident on the road irrespective of whether they’re an experienced driver or a novice. The first instinct of the driver is to press the brakes and this is when the anti-lock braking system comes into play. This mechanism prevents the wheels from locking up and helps maintain grip with the road. This system is available now in most modern cars and bikes and is one of the most important parts of the stability system present in vehicles.

The anti-lock braking system works simply. All wheels have speed sensors located on them that monitor the speed of the vehicle and the moment they read that the vehicle is suddenly becoming slow the ECU reads the signal and sends it to the valves present in the wheels which in turn allows the car to brake without closing off the wheels. The same cycle goes on until the brakes come back to normal. In India, this system is present in both cars and bikes though skidding of a four-wheeler is still more balanced than a two-wheeler which is why bikes need to have an anti-lock braking system to avoid any fatal crash.

Even though the anti-lock braking system is an excellent safety feature, some people do prefer a car without one. We highly recommend getting a car with this mechanism as -

● It decreases the chances of a collision on the road

● The car is unlikely to ever stray away from the road even if the roads are slippery

● The owner is not likely to ever be a part of a deathly crash if ABS is installed

● The system allows a liner braking as opposed to a sudden one

An anti-lock braking system’s significance also comes into play when you’re purchasing your car insurance. Insurance providers charge a significantly lesser monthly premium to those who already have the ABS incorporated into their vehicle. This is because such vehicles are less prone to accidents and increase your car’s safety features. Additionally, since this feature is a value-addition to your vehicle it will garner a higher price at the time of reselling. Overall, an anti-lock braking system adds safety value to every ride you have in your vehicle.

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