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Tips to maintain your car during the 21-day lockdown period

During the course of these 21 days, don’t forget that it’s not just you who’ll be practising social distancing. Possibilities are that even your vehicle will be lying idle. Follow these tips to ensure that your car remains in a good working condition:

Here are the top tips to maintain your ride during the 21-day lockdown:


Clean the interiors of your car

Your vehicle is not likely to receive proper ventilation for most of the three weeks, hence it would be a good idea to remove leftover knick-knacks and food wrappers to prevent any odours from forming. Make sure that you dust off and vacuum clean the interiors, especially the muddy bits like the carpets and floor mats.

Do wash your hands before and after to avoid infecting the vehicle’s interior with possible COVID-19 contaminations that you may have picked up somewhere else. Take extra precaution to disinfect the cabin as well.

Protect the exterior

It is always a good idea to park your ride in a shaded area to prevent harm from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Though a private parking spot or a garage would be the best choice, using a car cover or parking it under a tree would also be a decent alternative.

Start your car once in few days to Preserve the battery


Did you know that the battery gets depleted even when the vehicle is not in use? To prevent it from getting depleted, start your vehicle once a week and keep it running for at least 10-15 minutes, which will allow the alternator to recharge the juice.

Keep the vehicle running

While 21 days might not seem like a period long enough, the possibility of restricted movement can cause flat tyres.  As recommended earlier, start your vehicle every few days. Operate all the systems, including the air conditioner. This will not only help to keep them in good shape but will also allow you to diagnose any faults and niggles well in advance before your vehicle is ready to hit the roads.

Avoid handbrake for parking

If you have enabled handbrakes, the same can jam the brakes over a long period of time. It is advisable to simply park the car in gear instead. Leave the vehicle in reverse gear if parked on a downhill gradient and in the first gear if parked on an uphill gradient.


When venturing out to check on your vehicle do take proper precautions. Keep your face and eyes covered and carry a pocket sanitiser so that you can clean your hands immediately after you are done with the task. Stay Home Stay Safe!

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