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Tips to clean your car at home

A well-maintained car serves you better and longer than other cars. Cleaning your car diligently is a big part of maintenance but as observed, most people tend to shy away from the expense of car cleaning. People tend to give their cars to inexperienced car cleaners. With many modern cars, if cleaners are inexperienced or careless, they may end up causing damage to the car. This instructional guide will aid you in cleaning your car yourself which will allow you to be more aware of your car and increase its lifecycle. Here’s an inside-out cleaning instructional for every car owner -

Prerequisites -

● Microfibre cloth

● Sponges

● Toothbrush

● Auto-cleanser/ Car Shampoo

● Warm water

● Wash brush (if easily available)

● Car Polish

Once you have all the prerequisites in place make sure the car is cleaned in a shady, cool spot. This is because cleaning cars in a hot area can make it harder to clean the shampoo marks off the car.


The first thing to do is clear out your car and dispose of anything that is not useful. Then use a vacuum cleaner to get into the tricky spots of the car and to clean the mats. Dust off the mats to get rid of dirt and the vacuum can then get rid of any excess waste from the mats and the seats/ console area leaving your interiors squeaky clean and dust-free.

2.Car Seats

To clean the car seats and the area under them remove any dry dust. Move the car seats in the front and vacuum the area under the seat and in the crevices. To clean the seat belts, take a warm wet cloth with the car shampoo and an easy scrub will take off the dirt.


After the internal cleaning of the car, the next step is to clean the wheels of the car. This is a two-step technique where you use shampoo water and clear water both to get rid of all the dirt and debris. We suggest cleaning wheels before the other exterior parts of the car as they are the dirtiest, the excessive dirt will not land on the clean parts of the car and will save time. Once the wheels are scrubbed clean then you can wash them off with a jet spray for better results.

4.Car Shampooing

The next step is to rinse the car with clean water to remove dust and dirt. Choose an auto cleanser available in the market and with a sponge to clean the car. Then systematically move from one portion of the car to the other; roof, windows, bonnet, and bumper. It’s advisable to use separate buckets to clean the parts and to clean the microfiber cloth regularly. After the scrubbing is over, give a final rinse with a nozzle for a tidy look.

Note: Drying your car is as important as cleaning to make sure no water spots are left, we recommend using a microfiber cloth to dry the car as they are more absorbent than other cloths.

5.Wax (Optional)

Once the car is dried and clean, you can apply a coat of car wax for that extra shine on the car by using a clean cloth. A coat usually stays on the car for 2-3 months depending on usage but this is not a necessary step and is at the discretion of the owner.

Additionally, it’s important to maintain your car post-cleaning and to frequently clean your car to reduce dirt collection on it. Just as cleaning protects your car in one way, another tool for maintaining your car in good condition is Car insurance. This covers your asset from any third-party or self-damage and safeguards your interests financially. To know more about cheap car insurance policies, click here. (Insert - Chola)

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