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Are you a first-time car owner? You need to know this!

Congrats on buying your first car! The joy of owning a car, especially a first car is one of the best feelings in the world. Before you take your new car for a spin, it’s important to know your responsibilities as a car owner/driver. If you fail to adhere, it might result in penalties and/or punishments. So let us take you through the checklists which you need to follow for having a pleasant motoring experience.

Vehicle Documents:

While you are on the road it is mandatory to carry a set of documents. This includes:

  • Valid Driving License
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate.

You can have these documents either in physical or digital form. In case of digital, the documents must be stored only on mParivahan or DigiLocker apps. The documents won’t be considered legal if you have stored it outside of these two apps.

Insurance is a MUST:

As per law, it is mandatory for a vehicle to have insurance. Quite a few first-time car owners don’t understand the importance of having or renewing their car insurance. This can invite trouble. If you are caught without having valid insurance, it may result in a penalty or imprisonment or both. Car insurance safeguards your car from various risks. Opt for comprehensive car insurance. It protects your car from a wide range of risks. Check out Cholamandalam’s comprehensive car insurance

Roadside Assistance (RSA):

When you are on the go, you might face some uncertainties. Some common problems faced by car owners are battery discharge, breakdown, tyre burst, etc… You can opt for roadside assistance from your dealer. Nowadays insurance companies like Cholamandalam car insurance offer you add-on services like On-site minor repair, battery jump-start,  flat tyre replacement among others.

Seatbelts are mandatory:

Indian Government has made it mandatory to wear seatbelts. Wearing a seatbelt protects the occupant in a secured position in the event of a crash. Irrespective of being in the front seat or back seat, we recommend you to wear seatbelts. Driving without seatbelts can result in huge penalties.

Maintain Distance:

Given our chaotic road conditions, it is always advisable to maintain an average speed and keep at least 5 meters of distance between your car and the vehicle which is in front of you. In case of sudden braking by the vehicle in front, the distance will help you to control your car and avoid a collision.

Use Indicators:

This might sound very basic yet many drivers don’t use indicators while changing lanes or making a turn. Using indicators gives a heads up to other vehicles about what you intend to do. Make sure to cancel the indicator once you have completed the purpose.

No Alcohol:

Needless to say, driving under the influence of alcohol is a punishable offense. You are not only putting your life at risk but also other riders and pedestrians' lives as well. Consuming alcohol affects your concentration, vision, and judgment which can result in an accident.

Use of Sun Films:

As per Motor vehicle rules, the front and rear windshield of a vehicle should have at least 70 percent visibility and the side windows should have at least 50 percent visibility from the outside. Failing to comply will result in huge penalties.

Maintain a Record:

It is important to file all your service and repair bills. When it’s time to sell or trade your car, your records will act as proof of how well you have maintained your car and will boost the resale value of your car.

Service and Maintenance:

Cars are machines, they need to be serviced for longevity. Every car maker provides a periodical service plan for their respective models. Few car owners don’t adhere to this to save money. By doing so, the car's most critical components like engine, cooling system, brakes, etc.. might not function and lead to early wear and tear.

Here’s wishing you a million miles of happy and safe motoring from all of us at Cholamandalam Car Insurance.

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