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Things you can do to prevent your car stereo from being stolen

When you own valuable things, there is always a risk of them getting stolen. In the case of cars, the chances of the whole car being stolen are slim when compared to parts of them that can be stolen, which can be very valuable to the thieves. While you can prevent theft by not leaving personal items inside the car, your stereo presents a completely unique issue. As you know the stereo is fixed to the dashboard in most cases and even though theft of this particular item has reduced there is still a risk especially when it’s an expensive system.

Tips on reducing car stereo theft

There are a couple of options in reducing the risk of theft. Some can come at a cost, while the others are more strategic and free.

1. Make sure your doors and windows are locked every time you leave the car.

2. Park your car in closed or secured areas such as a garage or even parking spots. When parking in public. Park it in well-lit areas with a lot of foot traffic. Thieves always prefer secluded areas where the chances of being seen or caught are minimal.

3. If you have kept the original stereo of the car, then the chances of it getting stolen are lower because the resale value for OEM sets could be lower, as they are not easy to transfer to other car models.

4. If you choose to upgrade your car radio always try and invest in a stereo with a removable face. So you always have the option of removing the face of the stereo and carry it along with you when you leave the car. The most important thing is to never leave it anywhere inside the car, thieves might look in those spots

5. Tinted windows help prevent thieves from seeing what type of stereo you have in them. 6. Avoid putting brand stickers or hood ornaments on your car. These can advertise to thieves that you have expensive accessories in your car. 7. Always remember to invest in a good quality car alarm. It will be a good investment that will help you in the long run.

If your car is broken into and parts are stolen, it immediately lowers the value of your vehicle and this is the case even if it's an older model. Always remember to follow these simple steps, park defensively, and if you ever have a bad feeling about where you are or you can sense a vulnerability, move your car and correct the situation. Be aware, stay safe, and enjoy stress-free Life on Wheels always.

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