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Things one should know before buying a new car in India!

To buy a new car in India is not only a financial decision but also one tinged with emotion and sentiment. What's common to every to-be car owner, are dreams about the smooth drives, new upholstery, shiny colours. For most car-buyers and especially first-timers, the whole sense of achievement of having a new car can’t be explained simply in words.

Some of you would like to buy a long / stretch sedan or a rugged SUV (some even both) but budget makes you draw the line between dreams and reality. Budget is therefore, the first thing that many people consider. Another important factor is Fuel efficiency. The mileage of the car, as we call it is among the top numbers that are always on the mind of the people while selecting a car to buy.

Let’s help you figure out what are the other top pointers you need to keep in mind, while selecting the right car for you.

  1. Brand

Brand plays a huge part in making a decision, in India more specifically, one needs to be careful of the brand i.e the car manufacturer. Read and research on the various brands available in the market, the volume of sales they have done, its pros and cons etc. Another important way is to talk to the people who own cars from various brands to gain honest insight about the manufacturer aiding you to make the best possible decision.

  1. Maintenance and Service Network

When you buy a new car you would prefer it to be a stress or fuss free car ownership. In order to be able to have that peace of mind, a strong dealership network with a good after sales service network is the highest priority when buying a car.

  1. Style and Needs

As someone buying a new car, one of the main things will be to make sure your car reflects your personality. So buying a car based on your driving style, your favourite colour etc are highly relevant. If you are the type of person who likes speed or agility and if you end up buying the basic type of hatchback, you will be disappointed in the long run.

On the other hand, if you like to enjoy short peaceful drives around the corner, buying an SUV will be an utter waste of money. So considering the purpose, the style and the practicality will help you narrow the type of car you should ideally buy.

  1. The Price

In the end this factor plays the most important role and this does not depend upon a single vertical. One should know that the final i.e. the on-road price of your car will be more than the ex-showroom price.

Look at the overall picture while buying your car. There are certain procedures that come into play - cars need to be registered at the Regional Transport Office that is the RTO office, another important rule imposed is that you need to buy your Car Insurance while purchasing the new car.  These are some of the factors that need to be considered before deciding on the budget for buying a new car. 

  1. Safety Features/ Car Safety

Safety features are incorporated into cars to make sure risk is minimised. Features like the seat belt are incorporated to protect you during a collision. A few other important safety measures added are the airbags, pre-crash system, anti lock braking system, tire pressure monitoring system etc.While looking out to buy a new car all these features do play a role in the decision making stage.

6. Test Drive

After you have shortlisted the cars you would like to buy, the next step would be to make sure that you test each model to experience the “feel” of the car. The best and reliable car dealers willingly offer test drives to potential buyers. Don’t skip this critical step.

Some things that will help you make a decision will be to check the performance, the comfort levels, boot space, good cabin room for both the passenger and the driver. It is also good to check the equipment like a good music system, speakers, a good and informative MID which will also come in handy in making sure that you have made the best choice. While test driving, you may get further queries which the car salesman can help you with. This would augment all your information and enable you to make an informed decision about the best car for your needs.

We all have a certain idea of what we want when we decide to buy a new car, the above list can be considered as a checklist to make sure that you cover all the basics and not get carried away by how the car looks or by peer pressure (or salesman pressure!). Make sure you take the time to decide so that you can enjoy your Life on Wheels thoroughly!

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