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Things They Don’t Teach You In A Driving School

Driving schools in India prepare you to pass the driving test and get the driver’s license. In this process, they teach you only the technical know-how of driving a car. But this is not enough to become a good driver. There is more to it!  Your instructor may not teach you important aspects such as road manners, driving etiquettes, handling an emergency, etc... These are must-haves qualities for a driver to be considered a good motorist. Here are some more tips for drivers that we wish your driving instructor had taught you.

No Multitasking:

According to a WHO report, drivers who use their mobile phones while driving are four times more likely to be involved in an accident. Multitasking is equivalent to drunken driving. Driving requires full concentration, it’s impossible for your brain to have full focus on two things at the same time. While driving you need to have discipline and stick to it.

Driving In Bad Weather:

Many of us may have done our driving classes in normal weather conditions. You might not have been exposed to driving in bad weather. During monsoon, the roads will be wet and slippery and the tyres will have little grip on the road. In such situations, you need to be well prepared. Firstly, don’t panic. Reduce your speed - this will allow the car to get more traction. You should also turn on your headlights and use wipers. Many of us have the habit of turning on the hazard lights during rains. This should be avoided. When you turn on the hazard lights, you won’t be able to use the indicator, making it difficult for other motorists to predict your intention while changing lanes or taking turns.

Night Driving:

Most of us learn driving during the day. Driving schools hardly teach us driving at night. Driving at night is not an easy task. You need to double your focus and attention. During night time many drivers might be tired and fatigue would have set in. This is the reason why we read about many accidents happening during the night. Also, high beams should be used only when they are absolutely required. Many drivers use them even on well-lit roads. This can blind the drivers who are coming from the opposite direction and cause accidents.

Mechanical Skills:

We are not asking you to do a professional mechanic’s job here. But if you want to be a good driver, you must take some effort to at least pick up basic skills such as knowing how to change a tyre, jumpstarting a dead battery, etc. This ensures that when the need arises you know what to do. When you travel to remote locations,  you may not be able to find a workshop or mechanic at quick notice. During times like these, your mechanical skills will come handy. Even if you call and take assistance via video or phone call, without knowing some basics, you would be stranded unnecessarily.

Being Courteous:

Over the years, motorists have become impatient on the road. Needless honking, involving in road rage with fellow motorists for silly reasons - these have become quite common. A courteous driver will not block the way for other motorists and will have the right attitude while driving. Another good quality is driving mindfully during monsoons. Good drivers drive carefully on waterlogged roads to avoid splashing rainwater on pedestrians or two-wheeler riders. 

To sum up, driving schools teach you the basics of driving. To become a better driver, you need to have sound judgement and common sense and more importantly road sense and presence of mind. The more you drive the better you become.

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