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Taking your Car Out after Lockdown? Here are Some Do’s and Don’ts

The whole world has been gripped in the deadly clutches of the Covid 19 pandemic. In India, there are many cities still under lockdown measures, but a few have relaxed the rules at least in zones with low case count. Hence there is some sense of normalcy for some. While being stuck at home, your car is also being holed up in the parking lot.

The zones which are seeing a reduction in the numbers of vehicular movements with some protocol in place have been initiated. So now you are allowed to take your car out of hibernation, it is imperative to be cautious to ensure the car operates safely.

This article has listed some Do’s and Don’ts ranging from how to start your car engine to all your other worries right here :

The things you have to do (The DO’s)

1. Check on the fluid level - Make sure you start the car and look beneath it for any type of oil spills or leaks. Do check the engine oil, brake & clutch and coolant level and top up if necessary.

2. Do inspect the belts and wires - A thorough check of all the electrical wires and the Ac belt. Rubber parts do have a tendency to crack or harden while the belts, ensure you get a technician to check the belts and their tension.

3. Do inflate tyres to correct air pressure - Most of the roadside service centres will have a portable air compressor, which can be used to inflate the tyres if needed.

4. Spray an anti-rust spray - Do spray it in the engine compartment and on all the electrical connectors as well. An anti-rust spray will help remove the moisture, grime and dirt and is commonly available in automotive spare part shops.

The Don’ts :

1. Don’t drain the battery completely - If your car does not start in the first or second attempt don’t keep cranking the engine, this can totally drain the battery. If you have jumper cables, then you can try the jump start method or even push the car to crank up the engine.

2. Don’t drive with underinflated tyres - A visual examination initially to see how car tyres are deflated or underinflated since the car has been stationary. Call for assistance if needed but make sure that you don’t drive with underinflated tyres as this can damage them permanently.

3. Don’t race or rev a cold engine - If your car starts immediately, don’t put your foot down on the accelerator immediately. The friction between the internal components will lead to severe damage.

4. Don’t forget to ventilate and clean the car - Cleaning the insides and sanitizing the interiors are just as important as the exteriors.

Coronavirus had brought the world to a grinding halt but now with time cities have been slowly and steadily getting back to a semblance of normalcy. However one should remember that motor insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, so make sure before you take your car out that your insurance hasn’t expired.

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