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Do not pay for someone else's mistake

Somebody’s negligence can cost you your life and income. Take steps to safeguard yourself against motor accidents.

Deepak Thapliyal* (44) was dropping his son to school when a motorbike suddenly appeared out of nowhere. “I braked at once, but a truck rammed into my car from behind. I also hit the motorcyclist, who was badly injured. I put him in a cab and waited till the cops came,” he says. He adds that he even paid for the motorcyclist’s hospitalisation. “The police took my statement and let me off after they realised it was not my mistake. But my car was very badly broken and I sustained minor injuries as well.”

Deepak could pay for the car’s damages and the injured man’s medical expenses because he had motor insurance. “The total expense came to Rs 1,50,000,” he says. “I would not have been able to pay it without my insurance policy.”

A motor insurance policy is a must for all car owners today. It is a handy tool to insure the car against unforeseen accidents and calamities. Roshan Kapadia* (27) vouches for the benefits of motor insurance after his car was damaged last year. “Somebody rammed my car and I got out to confront him. He had three others in his car, and not only did they beat me up, but they also damaged my car with rods and sticks.” After filing a police report of the incident and taking photographs for evidence, Roshan was able to get all the damages via motor insurance. “I also got my medical expenses covered,” he says.

In the case of Mohan Gawde (56), motor insurance helped him get hospitalised after a motorist knocked him down a few months ago. “I was out for a walk at night and the street was unlit. The car took a turn and the driver did not see me step on to the road. He knocked me down and I broke my leg.” However, the car driver paid for Mohan’s hospital expenses from his motor insurance. “I was aware of motor insurance paying for one’s own damages, but I was thankful that his insurance paid my expenses. I could not have been able to afford the treatment at a good hospital without it,” he says.

A good motor insurance policy like the one Chola MS offers covers a policy holder from damages to himself and the vehicle in an accident, as also providing third party liability cover. It insures the policy holder against damages due to theft, loss, fire, flood, riots, accidents and other disasters. What is more, it is easy to buy and renew, and several people have purchased it online.

“I bought the Chola MS motor insurance policy recently, and I have heard great things about it,” says S Venkat* (55). “It covers every eventuality and it is very easy to purchase. Not just me, even my wife is at peace knowing that the car and I are well protected every time I sit behind the wheel. I urge every motorist to take adequate motor insurance and leave nothing to chance on the roads.”

* The characters in this article are fictional and have been used for illustrative purposes.


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