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What to do when you lose your car insurance papers?

Imagine that your car has met with an accident and when you search for your insurance papers to submit a claim, it has gone missing. Take a breath, you don’t need to panic if you have lost your car insurance paper, you can get a duplicate copy. The process is much simpler if you have chosen your car insurance through an online insurance company like Cholamandalam car insurance. Here’s what you need to do:

Inform your Insurance Company:

You need to inform your insurance company about losing your insurance papers as quickly as possible. Nowadays, you can reach out to your insurance company through multiple ways like a 24x7 toll-free number, email, social media, etc... Keep your policy number handy. If you are sending an email or calling the customer service team, make sure to use your registered email address or phone number. Once the insurer has got your details, he/she will be mailing it to your registered email address.

Visit the website:

This is one of the easiest ways to get your duplicate insurance copy. You can visit the official website of your insurer and download a duplicate copy of the insurance.

  • Visit the official website and login (if required)
  • Go the concerned section where you can download the policy copy
  • Enter your policy number and registered email address
  • Policy copy will be sent to your registered email address in a PDF format
  • Download and take a printout of the policy.

Few insurance companies might also need:

Register FIR:

Some insurance companies don’t issue a duplicate copy unless you provide a First Information Report (FIR). In this case, visit your nearest police station and report the loss of your insurance papers. Write a request for FIR copy, obtain the FIR and submit it to your insurance company.

Newspaper Advertisement:

An advertisement is required in an English newspaper and a regional newspaper mentioning the loss of the insurance paper which includes the policy holder’s name, policy number, name of the insurance company and vehicle number. Remember that you will have to bear the entire advertisement cost. You will then have to submit the advertisement copy to the insurer.

Submit an Application:

If it’s a joint policy, a joint application has to be submitted which includes the other policyholder. This is done to ensure that both the policyholders are aware of the loss of the insurance paper and the duplicate copy request is applied with his/her consent.

Indemnity Bond:

An indemnity bond needs to be executed in a non-judicial stamp paper stating to indemnify the company in case of a claim made by any other person apart from you or your nominee. A notary’s acknowledgement is needed in the bond. This has to be sent to the insurance company for getting the insurance copy.

Save yourself from all these troubles, choose Cholamandalam car insurance for a hassle-free insurance experience.

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