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Some road rules to follow for the little passengers

Are there any specific rules that need to be followed while traveling with “little ones”? We all know the answer to this question. Yes, the answer is YES!

In India, the concept of a car seat for kids isn’t very common but it is a mandatory requirement if you have a baby on board.

This article will take you through some top pointers to make sure your children stay safe during car journeys.

The first step is making sure child safety seats are installed correctly and more importantly they have to put to use. Depending on the child’s age - seatbelts to be used. Explain to your kids that these rules must be followed every time, no matter who drives them or how short the drive is. Here are some rules

1. Seatbelt to be worn during every car trip -

A hard and fast rule when a child enters the car. The seatbelt to be fastened and should be left on until the end of the trip. Teach your children how to use and secure the belt.

2. Never share seatbelts -

This might be a fun idea, but not recommended at all, two kids should never buckle up as a pair.

3.Sit in the Backseat -

Kids under 13, it’s always best for them to be seated in the back. This protects them from immediate and possible injuries. The front passenger airbags are not suitable for young children. They can cause serious injuries to a small child as they are designed to protect a person with a bigger build and body.

4. Playing it cool in the backseat -

Kids should know the importance of being calm in the backseat. Make sure as there is no jumping, yelling allowed. Explain to them that these actions can cause distractions to the driver which can put all the passengers at risk.

5. Follow the rules no matter which car it is -

It has to be made mandatory that kids need to follow the rules if they are in a friend’s or a relative’s car. If they are below 13 and asked to sit in the front seat, your child should politely decline the offer and sit in the back seat. We hope that these guidelines will play an important part to help you and your little ones have a safe and secure journey on your Life On Wheels.

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