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Here’s how you can do self-inspection for car insurance renewal

The process of buying an insurance policy has become much easier now that you can get auto insurance online. It saves money, time, and energy - and there’s much less paperwork. Now, you can do the required inspection of your car online too! Earlier, a designated official from your car insurance provider would have had to perform this, but now you can do it yourself using your smartphone.

Wondering how? Read on to find out!

Inspection of your vehicle is an integral part of your car insurance renewal process, especially when your policy expires. It is only required if your expired policy was for Comprehensive or Own Damage - not for Third Party Liability. An inspection also isn’t necessary if you make timely renewals - it is required only when your policy lapses.

Here’s how you can do a self-inspection for your car

Step 1: Visit your insurance provider’s website

Much like how you can get auto insurance online, you can also do your self-inspection online. Visit your insurance provider’s website, or download their app if they have one, to begin the self-inspection process.

Step 2: Fill in your details

To proceed to the self-inspection, you will have to provide a few basic details about yourself and the expired policy, such as name, contact number, policy number, and vehicle details.

Step 3: Take pictures and videos of your car

After you enter all the required details, the next step is to take photos or record videos of your car, as required by your insurance provider. Make sure to park your car in an open area with ample sunlight - avoid spaces such as underground parking lots and garages.

You can start the self-inspection video by capturing your car’s engine number and chassis number or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). You can find these numbers in any of the following places.

- Under the hood

- Driver or passenger side door, on the B pillar

- Dashboard on the driver’s side

- Bottom of the windshield on the passenger’s side

- In the boot, below the spare wheel

- Below the carpet of the driver or passenger seat

Next, you will have to capture all four sides of your car, after which you will be required to start the car and capture the odometer reading.

After you finish recording the video, you will have to take pictures of all four sides of your car, your odometer reading, your RC (Registration Certificate), and your car’s Chassis Number or VIN.

Step 4:Submit your self-inspection report

Once all the necessary pictures and videos are taken, press ‘Submit’ to complete the self-inspection process for car insurance renewal. Make sure you have high-speed internet to ensure that the video and pictures are uploaded.

Factors to keep in mind after self-inspection

Once you’ve uploaded the required documents, here are some things you need to keep in mind

- After you submit the video and required documents, ensure that you get some form of acknowledgment. Since it’s online, you will most likely get a message or notification, but if you don’t receive any, inform your insurance provider about it.

- If the video or self-inspection process is not up to the mark, the insurance provider might ask you to do it again.

- Technical issues can hinder your self-inspection from going through.

- Your renewal application can be rejected by your insurance provider if all their requirements are not met.

You are now equipped to do a self-inspection for your car insurance renewal. Though the process is simple, timely renewals can help you avoid this extra step. There are unavoidable situations that can sometimes lead to late payments, but it shouldn’t affect your No Claim Bonus. Chola MS offers a 30 day grace period within which you can renew your policy without affecting your NCB. To get auto insurance online or know more about renewals, click here.

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