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Sedan vs Hatchback - Which One Is A Better Choice?

Sedan or Hatchback? Are you still going back and forth between these two options, unable to make a final decision?

There are a lot of factors that you need to look at before making this decision. Of course, the need to buy any car varies from person to person. This investment is totally subjective to what matters to you. However, we have put together all the pros and cons of both of these car types which will help you make a smart decision. This detailed overview will give you a straightforward answer to all your queries regarding the two models. We will explore which car is ideal for all your needs, the features, fuel efficiency, and a lot more.

1.    Highway friendly - if you like traveling and especially love long drives, then your go-to option has to be Sedan. Sedans are extremely stable when driving at high speed on highways. The weight of the boot and the wheelbase makes it highway-friendly. Hence prioritise your needs before buying a car.

2.    Beginner-friendly - for beginners, the Hatchback is an ideal option. The short bonnet of this model makes it perfect for first-time drivers. As one can see the endpoint of the bonnet, beginners can easily gauge the distance between the car in front without much effort. Also helps a lot when you are learning to parallel park or take reverse.

3.    Fuel efficiency - when it comes to fuel, Hatchbacks win hands down. Their lightweight makes them fuel-efficient and hence, a better option if you wish to cut down on fuel cost.

4.    Budget-friendly - Hatchbacks are not heavy on the wallet. Hence if you are on a tight budget, a hatchback would be a better option. With better fuel efficiency as mentioned above, this could be your go-to choice.

5.    Privacy - the Hatchback gives a nice view of everything around. However, it puts your privacy at stake. All your belongings can easily be seen from outside, making it unsafe for the passengers. The Sedan, on the other hand, is more protective as they come with a packed boot.

6.    Social status - if you want to get a car to uplevel your social status, then you must go ahead with Sedan. Elegance, when coupled with luxury will stand unmatched in the market any day. This, of course, beats every other parameter of difference as discussed above.

7.    Resale value - In India, there are more customers willing to buy a Hatchback than a Sedan. Hence if you want to look at the resale value, then a Hatchback might be more beneficial for you in the future.

There are around 46 different Sedan cars in India which start from Rs 5.49 lakh. On the other hand, there are about 25 Hatchback cars in India currently on sale. These start from Rs 2.89 lakh. All this information should help you streamline the process of decision making. With many variations of Sedans and Hatchbacks in the market, pick the model that suits you the best based on your needs and financial ability.

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