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Remember These Points While Buying An Electric Car!

Remember These Points While Buying An Electric Car!

In India, people have started switching to electric cars. This has led to a slow increase in the demand for such EVs. The technology to support these cars is constantly improving. If you are considering buying an electric car, these are a few points to consider:


● No fuel

● Low maintenance

● Eco-friendly

● Safe to drive

● Futuristic


There is always higher value for buying something of high quality. Electric cars are environmentally-friendly but they are not economical for everyone. Since they require expensive battery packs and investment or access to charging points, they seem to be more expensive when compared to their petrol and diesel counterparts. One must keep in mind an affordable price range before buying the car.

Tax Benefits

The government of India offers benefits such as reduced GST. One can check how much it will be reduced while buying an electric car. The government also offers tax benefits and if one checks the exact percentage of tax benefits one can avail, it can reduce the overall price of the electric vehicle.

Software Update

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are built with complex powertrain, latest and advanced technology. Manufacturers constantly make software updates to improve the technical aspect of the car. Some manufacturers offer free updates and some charge for the updates. In order to be wise, one must choose whether they want regular free updates or whether they want to pay for an update regularly.


One has the advantage of choosing from a wide range of electric motors and battery packs with various capacities while purchasing an EV. This is why it is important to understand the technical details of the car and the requirement of the EV before purchasing it.

Battery Life

While buying an electric car, it is best to choose the best battery pack. Purchasing a battery pack that would last longer would mean saving yourself from spending a bomb every time you need to replace it.


EVs come with different charging options, some are fast and others slow and the price will accordingly vary. While fast charging points are expensive and hard to find, slow charging points are affordable and can be installed in your garage. Charging stations can only be found in the metro cities now, so one must check for charging options before deciding on their EV.

Maintenance and Practicality

Generally, electric cars are expensive to maintain but, since it is still a new concept and people in our country are taking time to embrace the concept, it is even harder. It will take some years before there are enough charging stations. At present, Tata power has 400 charging stations and plans on expanding to one lakh stations by 2025.

Electric cars are eco-friendly and also provide a good driving experience. Those who have changed to electric cars say, “There is no going back”. Since the value and cost of maintenance of EVs are high, one must definitely get comprehensive car insurance for their vehicle. Click here to find out about the most suitable insurance policy available for your electric car.

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