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Is your car consuming too much fuel? You should read this!

Given the constant rise in fuel price, every car owner's dream is to get the best fuel economy from their vehicle. But only a very few are able to achieve the fuel economy figures mentioned by the manufacturer. While others pass the blame on the vehicle. Not many understand that it's one's driving habit and maintenance that helps in improving the fuel economy of the car. Here are some ways to get the best economy figures for your car.


Don't drive your car as if the cops are chasing you. It might look cool from the outside but it's going to burn your pocket in the long run. Faster acceleration and changing gears often will consume more fuel. Build speed at a gradual pace like running a marathon. Instead of pressing the gas pedal hard, try applying it gently to achieve better fuel efficiency.

Changing Gears:

Most of us spend the majority of our time in traffic during the commute. We have the tendency to rev our engine until it reaches the redline before changing the gear. This is where fuel efficiency takes a hit due to unnecessary acceleration. Being in the right gear at the right RPM helps in getting better fuel efficiency. There is no point in overtaking only to get caught up in the signal which is 100 meters away.

Engine Idling:

Keeping the engine idle will burn fuel. If you are stuck in a traffic signal for more than 60 seconds, it is recommended to switch off your engine. Few say that restarting the engine consumes more fuel. That’s not true! It consumes less than what it gulps during idling. Modern cars come with start-stop technology for this very reason.

Load Factor:

Carrying unnecessary weight will put more strain on the engine and result in low fuel efficiency. No, we are not asking you to get rid of your fellow passengers nor your spare tyre. We tend to carry things like roof rack, car cover, etc.. which may not be required for a local commute, removing them will result in improving your fuel efficiency around 5 percent.

Tyre Pressure:

Many don't know the correlation between tyre pressure and fuel efficiency. A low tyre pressure leads to a loss in kinetic energy, doubling engine's work which leads to consuming more fuel. It is always recommended to check your tyre pressure periodically and make sure they are inflated as per the manufacturer's recommendation.

Fuel Quality:

Using poor quality or adulterated fuel will not only result in lower fuel efficiency but might also harm the engine in the long run. Consumers now have the option to check the fuel quality in many fuel outlets. It is recommended to fill fuel from a reputed fuel outlet and stick to the same. During long journeys, avoid filling fuel from small fuel outlets.


Last but not the least, servicing your car periodically as prescribed by the manufacturer will help in delivering the optimal fuel efficiency. Few car owners skip the service to save cash. End of the day, car is a machine that needs to be properly taken care of. Changing or replacing air filters, oil filters along with engine oil is recommended to ensure the best fuel efficiency.

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