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Protect your Car this Monsoon with Car Insurance

While the arrival of monsoon is much awaited to escape the heat, it is also dreaded for the torrential showers it brings along. Car owners are one such category of people that feel the weight of unexpected waters the most. Expenses related to car repairs and maintenance go up significantly during this season due to erratic weather conditions caused by heavy showers. Road damage incurred during the monsoon also tends to affect the condition of cars during travel. Car owners have practically no choice but to incur these expenses to secure their personal safety and that of their car.

These expenses start even before the rains. Adequate car servicing before the monsoon begins is essential to remain safe on the roads. This is especially true in many parts of India that witness heavy showers leading to accidents and mishaps caused by waterlogging, potholes, dirt and slippery roads. Some of the areas that you must look into while looking under the hood –

  • Replace the engine oil, air filter and fuel filter.
  • Carefully check the car’s suspension and silencer, both of which are most affected in the rains.
  • Check the treads on your car’s tyres. They should be deep else your car can easily skid on slippery roads.
  • Make sure the important lights – headlamps, taillights, parking lights and emergency lights are working properly.
  • Check the brakes. Very crucial for safe and effective handling of the car.
  • Ensure the wipers are moving smoothly. If they are making sounds or if the rubber on them is coming off, replace them.

Lastly, send your car to a trusted service centre or car mechanic that provides good service. Do not cut corners on this front. Considering potential damage to life and property, the risk is not worth it.

Thus taking precautionary measures before the season starts is highly recommended but what is essential and must not be overlooked is securing an insurance policy to protect your car not only during the monsoon but always.

Even though it is compulsory as per the law in India to buy third-party car insurance, for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler owners, almost 50% of vehicles running on Indian roads are not properly insured. The owners are clueless when it comes to recovery of losses caused by accidents in the monsoon.

Benefits of Car Insurance

Apart from the obvious benefit which is the peace of mind, some of the less obvious but important benefits include –

Third-party coverage

If you have Third Party Car Insurance, in the event of an accident involving other properties or individuals, your car insurance will come to the rescue on the legal front. It covers your legal liability for damage caused to a third party while using your car. This insurance is mandatory in India.

Comprehensive coverage

If you opt for Comprehensive Car Insurance online, the policy will insure you for both third-party and own damage. This coverage comes to your rescue on the legal and financial front. Treatment of injuries to the policyholder and car repair costs are also covered in this policy. It also provides coverage for damages incurred in natural calamities and man-made atrocities such as theft, vandalism, and riots.

No claim bonus

In an active policy year, if no claims are made during the policy period, you become eligible for a No Claim Bonus which is essentially a discount given on the car insurance premium on renewal.

Online is quicker and cheaper

Buying insurance online is a lot quicker and cheaper because it does away with the middlemen (read agents) and also their commission which is incurred by the policyholder offline. Do read the insurer’s policy rules made available on the website before buying one.

Ensure your car is protected to endure the monsoon.

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