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Planning For A Road Trip Post Lockdown? This Is For You!

While our country is slowly unlocking, many of us are desperate to get out of our homes and hit the road again. What seemed to be simple pleasures have now become a dream. Blue sky, an open road, and your favorite playlist - sounds like bliss, doesn’t it? However, these road trips are not going to be the same as before. You need to be mindful when you plan your journey. Remember we are still not done with the pandemic. Here’s what you need to do if you’re hitting the road anytime soon.


Firstly, do a safety and hygiene check of the place where you plan to visit. Choose a secluded place over crowded ones. Do not travel far away. Each state has its own quarantine rule and travel restrictions. Some states permit inter-state and inter-district travel and some don’t as yet allow it. Check whether you need an E pass to travel. End of the day, a road trip should help you to distress and not the other way around.

Check The Health Of Your Car

Due to lockdown, your car may have remained idle for quite some time now. When you plan for a road trip you should make sure your car doesn’t play spoilsport. You need to check the battery condition, tyre pressure, lights, horn, wipers, air conditioning, etc… You also need to thoroughly clean and sanitize the car including the interiors.

Limit Your Stops

Even if you are allowed to travel, it doesn’t mean you can roam freely. Stop only if you need to. One cannot expect the same level of hygiene at all places. It is important to stay safe by maintaining social distancing at all times.

Wear Mask, Gloves And Carry Hand Sanitizer

Safety first and always. One must wear a mask while stepping outside. It is advisable to keep a few extra masks handy so that you don’t have to use the same mask again without washing. Along the way, you may encounter various touchpoints, wear disposable gloves to ensure safety. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, they are more effective in killing the germs.


In times like these, safety precedes fashion. Wear clothes that limit your body exposure to reduce the risk of virus spread. Your clothes could get contaminated if someone near you coughs or sneezes. In such situations, it is recommended to take an extra set of clothes. Carry a laundry bag and keep the contaminated clothes separately.

Medical Kit

Carry a medical kit that contains a thermometer, immunity boosters, medicines, band-aids, pain relief sprays, antiseptics, mosquito repellants, etc… In case if you feel uneasy and notice COVID-19 symptoms, isolate yourself and seek medical help immediately.

Home Food

Food is an important part of travel. Yes, you might be bored with home food and you would want to eat at a restaurant or a Dhaba. But this is not the time. Their safety and hygiene levels remain a question mark. Carrying home-packed food, preferably non-perishable ones will ensure peace of mind and it will also come handy if you don’t find a good restaurant.


COVID-19 has taught us many valuable lessons. Get yourself covered with a health insurance policy that includes COVID-19 cover. We are not asking you to take it just for the road trip but to secure your future as well. It is better to be safe than sorry.

While you are enjoying the road trip, support local businesses as much as possible. They need your support more than ever. We at Cholamandalam car insurance wish you a safe and joyful road trip.

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